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Saturday, January 01, 2000

How do I communicate with the MBCKC?


The best way to communicate with the club is to e-mail the webmaster. A link to the webmasters email address can be found on each page of our web site. Look for words such as Invite, Submit or Contribute.

The volume of information and e-mails we receive in connection with the club websites and e-mails is very high. Here are some ways you can make all our paddling lives a little easier. :-)

Checklist for announcing paddling trips

We suggest you print the following checklist, keep it near your computer, and bring it to meetings so you can refer to it if you plan to announce a paddle at that meeting.

If you e-mail a trip announcement to us, and if that trip announcement is longer than three sentences, please list the requested information in the following order so we don't have to sift through your creative writing to find the basic information we need to know to join your paddle. Items marked with an asterisk/star are always "required." The last few, un-starred items of information are not "required," but it helps all of us if you let us know whether they are relevant to your particular paddling plans.

We encourage anyone who can paddle a boat to lead trips consistent with their skill level, but it helps everybody if you communicate your plans clearly -- regardless of how skilled you are! (Remember, paddlers on all club paddles always paddle "at their own risk." Each club member is responsible for getting the information they need to make their own decision whether they will enjoy or can safely participate in any given trip, based on their personal paddling skills.)

*Date: [And day of the week.]
*Time: [Or, just say a general time of day (afternoon, evening, and "Call the trip leader for the exact time." Some trip leaders like to do this so all participants will have to contact them and they will know for sure who is planning to come.]
*Place: [Meeting place, put-in, and/or destination, described in such a way that people either know how to get there or know they should call you for driving directions. If you don't write out your driving directions or explain them at the monthly meeting, we won't publish any driving directions.]
*Fee: [If you are launching from a private facility that charges a nominal fee for launching kayaks.]
*Contact/Leader: [Regardless of whether you want folks to let you know they are coming, we need your phone number and/or e-mail address so we won't be bombarded with questions members should be asking you.]
Length: [Give a rough estimate or a firm deadline, as you please. If you don't know (or care) how long the paddle will last, just say so! It will save us a lot of questions.]
Directions: [Provide directions to the launch site, address, or request that paddlers contact you as trip leader for more info.]
Skill level: [Beginner, moderate, or strenuous? Big-boy or sissy :-)? Speed/training or leisurely? Are any special skills required, such as self- or assisted-rescue? A minimum speed? A maximum speed :-)? Is there anything folks might like to know about the expected conditions or environment? If you don't know (or care) about the expected skill-level, just say so! It will save us a lot of questions.]
Special gear or supplies: [--If any. You don't have to tell us about the "usual" gear. The "usual" gear is a boat, a paddle, a PFD, and drinking water. But if the paddle should not be undertaken without a touring boat and spray-skirt, or if paddlers should bring self-rescue devices, swimsuits, sleeping gear, hiking boots, lights, lunch, potluck, etc., please say so.]
Comments: [--If any. This is where you get to include all the "creative writing" you want -- at the end of the paddle announcement, please. Do you want to brag about any expected highlights of the paddle (the x-flowers are in bloom, the current is swift, the water is clear, it was fun last time, we've never paddled here before, etc.)? Dinner plans for after the paddle? Is it likely you will make a last-minute changes in paddling plans? Is there a limit on the number of paddlers who can participate (due to camping space or leader preference)?]

Please don't be offended if we change the first-person singular ("I") to plural ("we") or third-person ("Ellen led a paddle here last month"). Readers tend to assume that a written "I" refers to me (Webmaster), then they correspond with me instead of with you, which is a hassle for everybody. We will do our best to convey trip leaders' enthusiasm and details while maintaining a consistent editorial style. We recommend against your saying "I" when you write paddle announcements.