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Thursday, June 14, 2007

--June/July Notes and Paddles--
(last updated: June 28th)

July Meeting
The July meeting has been cancelled and replaced with the 4th of July Paddle.

Full Moon Float to Whiskey Ditch
Date: Friday, June 29th
Time: 6:30 pm
Place: River Doc's on the causeway
Launch Fee: none
Contact: Harriet and Fritz Ingraham - 928.4568 hm; 604.3741 or 680.8928 cells
Length: Round Trip 5 miles. Pace - modest
Directions to launch: Launch is 300 feet to the west of Ed's Shed on the opposite side of the road (the north side).
Comments: MAKE SURE TO CALL US IF YOU ARE COMING AND LEAVE A CONTACT PHONE NUMBER WITH US - Time and Place are subject to change based on
weather. This is not written in stone - if you don't call and leave a contact number with us, we will not be able to update you in the event we change time or locations of this paddle.
Bring food and drink. We will paddle east in Pass Picada, then north up the Apalachee River to Whiskey Ditch. We will raft together in the ditch and share munchies from our kayaks. We will NOT be getting out of the kayaks on this float. BRING LIGHT and Bug Spray, along with normal paddling gear. Moonrise is a little before 8 pm, we will be at medium outgoing tide.

Upper Magnolia River Paddle
Date: July 1st, 2007
Time: 1:30pm

Place: Upper Magnolia River

Launch Fee: None.
Contact: Nancy Ward, 990-5575,
Length: Several easy miles.

Directions: Meet at the Shell station on Highway 98 and cty rd 49. (careful, cty rd 49 comes out in two places---go to the Shell station). We'll then drive the short distance to the Rock Street put-in.
Comments: We'll stay in the no wake zone which boaters have been good to honor and head up river. Soon we'll be in areas the power boaters cannot even access. This will be a slow, relaxing paddle. Maybe we can swim. Bring sunscreen, water, snack, pfd, bug spray, anything to make your paddle pleasant.

Fourth of July Fireworks Paddle
Date: Wednesday, July 4th
Meet around 7 to 7:30 pm ( if you are late arriving, just head to the pier, you can't miss us).
Fairhope Yacht Club
Launch Fee: None
Contact: Harriet and Fritz Ingraham - 928.4568 hm; 604.3741 or 680.8928 cells
Length: Short.

Directions: Click Here
Comments: Plans are to raft together, or even get out, if the sandbar is present, on the north side of the Fairhope Pier. This is an annual event - nothing better than to view the fireworks from a kayak - and we usually get not only the Fairhope Fireworks, but Lake Forest, Mobile, sometime the Grand Hotel - lots to see. However, it is important that you have a light with you. The waters will be full of motor, sail, various kinds of boats - plus, lights after dark is the law. This is one paddle we always have our lights on. We will return following a path very close to the beach, and paddling together for visibility. Gene Boothe started this annual paddle 7 years ago - he is turning the paddle over to Harriet and Fritz for this year. No need to call, unless you need further directions, just show up, or meet us there.