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Sunday, October 01, 2017

October Meeting
The next meeting will be Tuesday, October 3rd at 7:00 p.m. in the Long Leaf room of Delta Hall at Five Rivers Delta Resource Center.  

This month's presentation will be by Steve Kohrman, MBCKC member.  Several years ago, Steve had an urge to get out on the water.  He had owned a motor boat before, but he yearned for something simpler.  He was tempted by a kayak-making course in Mississippi, but he worked and didn't have weeks to spend in a classroom out of town.  So, Steve bought a book, "Canoe & Kayak Building the Light and Easy Way", and began building his own kayak.  This kayak was to be the first Kayak Steve had ever been in!   Come join us as we learn about Steve's kayak building venture and see what a beauty she turned out to be!  

Saturday, October 7th - Indian Mounds Paddle   - Jared Walker is  leading a group to the Indian mounds on October 7, meeting at the Stagecoach Cafe parking lot at 7:30 A.M.   Watch the website later this week for more information.  Due to high water from tropical storm Nate, this paddle has been postponed until further notice. 

Sunday, Oct 15th - Alabama Scenic River Trail Sanctioned Paddle:  Bob Andrews' "Bayou Tallapoosa" Delta Paddle - will meet at Stage Coach at 9 a.m. - MUST call Bob if you plan to attend.  (251) 367-4144.   Rental kayaks available Due to high water, this paddle has been canceled.  If rescheduled, we will post info.

Paddling Events
Saturday, October 7th - Arts & Paddle Peninsula Style by Dog River Clearwater Revival 
DRCR is joining hands with the Peninsula of Mobile for their first large fundraising event. Participants will experience art of all kinds from music to food to the picturesqe scenry of of both Mobile Bay and Perch Creek.

The paddle portion of the event begins at Perch Creek 10am with canoes, kayaks and paddleboards welcome. Need to rent? Call Sunshine Canoes at 251.367.4144 and reserve yours today! All participants must observe all safety rules and sign a waiver. Though registration is free, donations are welcomed. All donations help implement the Peninsula's master plan for low-impact redevelopment of Mobile's coastal community.


Lower Delta Platforms Now Available for Reservations!  -  
While the suggested landings, routes, and shelter information are not yet shown on the website, the lower delta shelters have now been activated on the reservation link and can be rented.

Visit and click on the reservations link at the top of the page. Then click the “select campsite” box and you will see Yancey, Mudhole and Justins Bay shelters listed.  Hank Burch said he would characterize this as a "soft opening" because there are still planned improvements to be made in the near future.  For example:   the shelters do not currently have hammock rings, but we will be installing those, as well as some built in fold down tables, benches, permanent signage, and such. So, although the shelters are open, just know that there will be even more to look forward to once the funding is available.