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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

May Meeting
The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, May 3rd in the Tensaw Theater at 5 Rivers Delta Resource Center at 7:00 p.m.  Arrive at 6:45 for refreshments.  Harriet King-Ingraham will conduct the meeting and introduce our special presentation and guests, Dr. Doug Phillips and Roger Reid.  Dr. Doug, creator, producer, and host of Alabama Public Television's Series Discovering Alabama, and Roger Reid, producer, director and writer of the series, will present their film, "Oil Spill". 

Here is a direct quote from the film:  "While Discoveing Alabama is a natural history series showcasting the beautiful natural wonders of our state, in this show we are compelled to examine a tragedy assailed as the most catastrophic oil spill in U.S. History - that no doubt will affect our state for years to come."

Don't miss this rare opportunity to see the film as presented by Dr. Doug and Roger!  Each and every Discovering Alabama show celebrates the natural wonders of our state, and this film is no different.  As Doug Phillips says, "come along as we discover Alabama".

April Meeting Notes
Juli Day did a fantastic job leading April's meeting which had a very large turnout of members!  Juli presented on the Alabama Scenic River Trail (ASRT).  She covered many details of the ASRT including the mission of the trail, the area/miles the blueway covers, and  their very informative website:    Juli also did a slide-show presentation of ASRT's recent two-day Spring Delta Paddle which many MBCKC member's participated in.

General Notes
Volunteers wanted to lead/conduct MBCKC meetings.  Presently, September is the next available opening.  If you would like to conduct a meeting, please contact Tracy Lannie, MBCKC coordinator, at 463-4233 or

Harriet King-Ingraham is looking for volunteer kayakers to assist in the Grandman Triathlon on June 4th.  If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Harriet at 604-3741 or

Upcoming Events and Paddles

The following paddles are posted on MBCKC's calendar.  Please refer to calendar for details:

Full Moon Paddle - CANCELLED

April 29 - Friday evening paddle from Causeway

April 16 - Bluz Cruz Marathon:

April 16 - The Great Drift

April 30 - Delta Woods & Waters Expo Canoe Race and Kayak Fun Run
April Meeting

The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, April 5th, in the Tensaw Theater of the Five Rivers Delta Resource Center. Juli Day is the coordinator for April's meeting. Juli will present on the Alabama Scenic River Trail's (ASRT) Delta Paddle that will have just taken place, and Jim Feldman, executive director of ASRT, will be our special guest.

The local chapter of the Alabama Hiking Trail Society will be raffling off an Ascend kayak. Juli Day will have tickets available at the April and May meeting. Tickets are $5 each or 5 tickets for $20. Proceeds will enable the purchase of much needed trail building and maintenance gear.

March Meeting Notes
Bruce Coldsmith of Dog River Clearwater Revival spoke about the new Dog River Scenic Blueway and its grand opening event, "The Great DRIFT". "The Drift" will take place on April 16th. See the club calendar of for more detail.

The mini-slideshow presentation was "Fall Colors of Ocheesee Pond" presented by Tracy Lannie.

General Notes:
Volunteers Wanted: to host/conduct the monthly meetings during 2011. July is the next opening available for volunteers. Please contact me if you would like to 'be in charge' of a meeting. Tracy Lannie or 463-4233

Congratulations to MBCKC members and area paddlers who placed in the Battle on the Bayou Canoe and Kayak Race in Ocean Springs, MS on March 12th. Maggie Pyle, Rich Wetmore, Jerry Inman, and Carol Dearing brought home medals!

There are some really great kayak event opportunities in April. Watch the calendar for future paddles. Also, the Lake Forrest Yacht Club plans on having their weekly kayak races again in May (more info TBA soon).
Upcoming Events and Paddles
Please Check back frequently for updated paddle announcements.

Full Moon Paddle to be announced.
April 2 & 3 - ASRT's Spring Delta Paddle
April 7 - 10 - Paddle Bayou Lafource
April 16 - Bluz Cruz Marathon
April 16 - Launching of "Dog River Scenic Blueway"