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Friday, July 13, 2007

--July Notes and Paddles--
(last updated: July 19th)

August Meeting
The August Meeting will be held on Tuesday, August 7th at 7pm at Fairhope Yacht Club.

We are looking for a new webmaster as I am leaving Mobile shortly...I will provide training (it's pretty simple) to whomever wishes to take over the website. E-mail me at

Two new paddle reports have been for the Susquehanna River up north, and our own local Magnolia River. Check them out by clicking here, or at the paddle reports link to the right.

Sunday Dog River Paddle
Date: July 15th, 2007
Time: 8:00am

Place: Lusher Park, 2459 Dog River Drive
Launch Fee: none
Contact: Maggie Pyle, (251) 648-0059 Cell if you plan to paddle.
Length: Several easy miles.

Directions: For directions, go to:
Comments: Bring water, snacks, sunscreen, etc. We'll go up Dog River from the
park and perhaps downriver depending on time, powerboats, and weather.

Please call Maggie Pyle, (251) 648-0059 Cell if you plan to paddle.

(Another) Upper Magnolia River Paddle

Date: July 22nd, 2007
Time: 1:30pm

Place: Upper Magnolia River

Launch Fee: None.
Contact: Nancy Ward, 990-5575,
Length: Several easy miles.

Directions: Meet at the Shell station on Highway 98 and cty rd 49. (careful, cty rd 49 comes out in two places---go to the Shell station). We'll then drive the short distance to the Rock Street put-in.
Comments: Repeat of a popular paddle. It's casual and relaxing, there's opportunity for swimming, and it's easy to leave early---if you must. We will stay in the no wake zone, which boaters are good to honor, and head up river. Soon we'll be in areas the power boaters cannot even access. Last trip we got out in one of the many shallow places and played in the water. We'll retrace our path and pass the put in. People can leave early if they must. We'll continue downriver until just before making a wake becomes legal. On our final return we'll swim from the sandbar across from the put in. Bring sunscreen, water, snack, pfd, bug spray, anything to make your paddle pleasant. Nancy Ward, 990-5575,

Full Moon Float
Date: Sunday, July 29th, 2007
Time: meet at 6-6:15pm...depart at 6:30 pm sharp!
Place: Meaher State Park on the Causeway
Launch Fee: none
Contact: Juli Day 377.0054
Length: Several easy miles.
Directions: Click Here for Directions
Comments: Plan to leave Meaher Park at 6:30, paddle in the general area, destination Justins Bay... where we will raft together, eat a snack, watch the sun set to the west and the Full Moon rise over the cat-tails to the east. A beautiful place to enjoy the full moon.
Bring snack, and if you want to share, bring enough to share. Bug Spray, water, LIGHT, PFD.
Call Juli for more details on the trip AND Call her so she is expecting you.