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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

October Meeting
The next meeting will be on Tuesday, October 4th, in Blakeley Hall at Five Rivers Delta Resource Center.  Please note the venue change for this month only.

Tom Fitzgerald will present the mini-slideshow.  Come hear why Tom loves paddling!
Jayson Ambrose:  On Wednesday at 9am, he will be live on Studio 10!  Be sure to watch it or record it to view later.

October 1st:
Jayson will launch at 10am Saturday, October 1st from Five Rivers Delta Resource Center.   Jayson invites everyone to come out and paddle a few miles with him, or simply cheer him on and give him a grand send-off as he begins his paddling adventure on The Great Loop.  Jayson is the first Canadian in recorded history to paddle the Great Loop via kayak and, we believe, the only paddler to begin and end right here in Mobile Bay.
Come out Saturday morning to meet Jayson, paddle with him, cheer him on, wave, take photos with Jayson, sign his kayak, etc.  Let's give Jayson a good ol' Southern welcoming and send off!  Follow the signs at Five Rivers to Jayson's launch site.   Five Rivers even has a brand new dock to launch from!     Plan to be there at least 20 minutes prior to launch if you would like to meet him and sign his boat prior to launching.
See you there!
Tracy Lannie

There was talk of a full moon paddle during October's meeting.  However, Juli is not available to lead the paddle this weekend (Oct 14/15)


Sunday, Oct 10 - Delta Classic Sunday Paddle--Bartram Trail Mound Island

Location:  Stagecoach Restaurant in Stockton
Contact Person:  Bob Andrews
Phone:  (251) 367-4144
Price:  $25.00
Delta Classic Sunday Paddle--Bartram Trail Mound Island Segment 
Sunday October 16, 2016
This is a one-day paddle designed to appeal to Mobile area residents who want to pop in, paddle, and go home without camping out in their backyards. For anyone wanting to travel to the event and camp, of course arrangements will be made for that.
The trip will be a Sunday outing from Rice Creek Landing to the Indian mounds on Mound Island and back by way of Bayou Jessamine and Jug Lake. You will see what are among the largest mounds in the state as well as the legendary bayous.
If you've heard about the famous Bartram Canoe Trail, now is your chance to learn the route in a fun group.
Gathering place will be at the Stagecoach Restaurant in Stockton at the intersection of Highway 225 and Highway 59 at 9:00. The group will proceed to the landing from there.
Local outfitter Bob Andrews (Sunshine Canoe Rentals) is hosting the event which, at this point, is being offered at $25 to cover his guide fees. Bob will provide anyone with a boat of their choice, delivered with gear to the event, for his normal rental fees. Please contact Bob for time and place of departure and to inform him of any equipment needs at (251) 367-4144.
Please call Bob and pay in advance and pay in advance.

September Meeting
The next meeting will be on Tuesday, September 6th at 7pm in the Longleaf Room of Delta Hall - Five Rivers Delta Resource Center.  This meeting will be jam-packed with final plans for Jayson Ambrose's The Great Loop paddle launch on October 1st.   We will also discuss Paddle Bayou La Batre and Bob Andrew's Delta Paddle.   You will be able to register for Paddle Bayou La Batre during the meeting.  

Notes:  A club member is selling several boats.  If you are interested, you may want to go to our Yahoo groups site and check out the postings.   3 kayaks for sale and a kayak trailer!

Saturday, Sept 3 - Rabbit Creek Paddle led by Juli Day
When:  9am
LOCATION:  3810 Schwartz Lane on Rabbit Creek (a tributary to Dog River)   Must bring all required safety gear (PFD, Whistle) should bring plenty of fluids.  Snacks, sunscreen, etc for your comfort

LAUNCH FEE:  $5.00

Wednesday, September 14 - Full Moon Paddle
Launching from Buzbees on Hwy 225 at 5:30pm.   
Led by Juli Day 377-0054


August 20th - The Big Float

October 1st - Jayson Ambrose launches from 5 Rivers on his Great Loop Adventure

October 15th - Paddle Bayou La Batre  - Canceled
for more info:  

October 16th - Bob Andrew's Fall Delta Paddle