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Thursday, May 08, 2008

May Notes and Paddles

June Meeting:
The next meeting is Tuesday, June 3 at the Tensaw Theatre, Five Rivers Delta Resource Center.
Guest Speaker: Hank Burch, Director Five Rivers Resource Center, State Lands Division

Hank will be presenting on the history and acquisitions of all state lands through the Forever Wild Program. As a large portion of these tracts of land are in Mobile and Baldwin counties, this should be a very interesting and informative presentation. Forever Wild opens up many avenues of protected ecosystems with seasons of changing natural habitat for us to view and enjoy, along with providing opportunities for ecological research and education.
Hank gives wonderful presentations, we are most fortunate he is available for this meeting - don't miss this meeting. We are all aware of the Mobile-Tensaw Delta tracts of land, but there are some 20 or so more just in our two county area.

May Meeting Notes:
Thank you to Dave Armstrong with Wildlife and Fisheries for a wonderful presentation - there is life outside Mobile and Baldwin Counties guys.. saw many wonderful paddling opportunities in and around our surrounding counties, not to mention some really neat fishes. Can't wait to try a few of them (oopss, the launches and paddles, not the protected fishes.......).
A great turn-out - 48 people...

So, paddling season is here - keep check on the website, as more paddles will be happening than just those posted here. Don't miss some fun on the water - every paddle is a learning experience.

Paddle on......

Upcoming Paddles: a busy month or 6 weeks ahead::

May 13th, Tuesday
Bob Andrews 367.4144
beginner friendly, evening paddle - beginning 5:30 p.m.
place to be determined, but Call Bob for details -

Saturday- May 17, Dog River Paddle followed by lunch at Aven and Gary's house.
Time: 9:30 am Hoppe's Boat Ramp.
Notes: 6 mile paddle from Dog River bridge upstream on north side of river. This is a real estate paddle however there is enough wetlands to give variety. This is the time of year when there is a lot of boat traffic another reason we will be staying next to the shoreline. There is also the wind factor which can be not fun since this is large, open body of water. Saturday's forecast is wind 5-10 mph. Optional: Bring your bike and we can ride our bikes the 6 miles through the neighborhoods to pick up our vehicles. (Mountain bikes recommended-no sidewalks last mile also last 1/2 mile on Dauphin Island Parkway with five foot shoulder) Hoppe's Boat Launch is $5.00 just north of Dog River Bridge. Please RSVP for parking considerations and if you want to bring more lunch snacks. Snacks are good. Aven's menu: Soup and French Bread Sandwich. The weather is supposed to be dry. The last cool front of spring? Aven and Gary 473-1819

Full Moon Float Monday, May 19 -
Leaders: Harriet & Fritz
Launch: Buzbee's Landing on Hwy 225 6:15 pm Launch fee $3
Notes: The First Full Moon Float of 2008 - don't miss it. Paddle duration 3 to 5 miles. Beginner friendly, but do have a level of comfort with your boat to paddle in semi-darkness. Paddle into either Bay Minette Basin or over to Yancy's Bay. Watch the sun set and paddle back under a rising full moon.Bring snack and drink, some to share if you want - we will raft together to enjoy the evening. Bug Spray, LIGHT (mandatory by law), a flashlight will be fine, pfd, regular paddling gear. Plan to gather together before departing to have a 1 minute chat about safety with night paddling and a large group. If you are coming, PLEASE call us - just in case plans change - but if you let us know you are coming, and are running a couple minutes late, we will wait for you. If you call, make sure to leave a contact phone number with us. Harriet 604.3741 Fritz 680.8928 Home 928.4568

May 22 - Thursday
Juli's Lazy Afternoon Paddle
Time: 4 pm
Launch: Byrnes Lake
Notes: beginner friendly, easy paddle
Must contact Juli if you plan to attend -

Starry Nite Paddle - TBA
Leader: Tom Meyer
on a VERY DARK NIGHT - sometime in the near future (watch the moon schedule - we need NO moon for this one). It may be short notice - and will definitely be a great paddle - the opposite of the full moon. Everyone, get your lights handy, we'll need them at some point on this dark paddle but must follow the instruction of our leaders - group together, don't separate, turn on lights when they instruct). Tom will lead us through the constellations and show us some wonderful sites that are not readily visable to the eyes of anyone who lives in a light-filled town or city.... don't miss this one.

Sepulga River - TBA
Dave Armstrong
Dave is planning a Sepulga Float sometime in the near future - should be a wonderful paddle - stay in touch to see when, where, how, etc...

Upcoming Events

Grandman Triathlon - Sat May 31
Looks as if we are filled for our volunteer need - if anyone finds they cannot make it, let me know, so I can fill your spot with an alternate. Thanks to the wonderful volunteers - and everyone enjoy yourself...

Dog River Dog Paddle - Sat June 14
Dog River Park
Kayak & Canoe Races 9 a.m. - 12 p.m.
Bring the Family and enjoy:::::;; But remember,, MBCKC has been WELL represented in the past - we ALWAYS come away with 'Dog Bones' for our speed and power and skill to win the race - but it really is about how you play the game. So go and have a good time and a good laugh......