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Monday, February 26, 2007

== !!FOUND!! ==

Found a kayak last June washed up on the Pensacola side of Perdido Bay. It has the name "Wolfwoman" stenciled on the side. If this is your kayak or you know who owns it, please em me with a description.

Friday, February 23, 2007

-- Red Maple Slough Paddle --

The day has been determined: SUNDAY, Feb 25, 2007. 8-10 mile paddle, moderate pace.
Harriet and Fritz - 928-4568 home; 604-3741 Harriet cell; 680-8928 Fritz cell.
approximate time 1 pm at old River Docs on the causeway.
The weather is quite questionable at this time. Paddle put-in and/or destination may have to be altered. If you don't call us, you may not know if we have to make last minute changes in plans - leave a phone number where you can be reached.
Factors to be considered for the paddle this particular weekend: WEATHER. A front is moving in Sat and early Sun - strong southerly winds will be in our favour in that water will be pushed up into the bay. However, if the strong winds do not die (and the expected rain, for that matter), then the return paddle will be quite tough. Temps will be quite pleasant in upper 60's or lower 70's - high tide is about 6:30 pm, so we will have an incoming tide.
Bring foul weather gear in the event of rain. Bring water and snacks.
Come, but call us!!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

--Flash Paddle--

dream trippin: (with Gary Worob)
when ....second weekend in april, friday nite until you leave.......
where: grassy point, florida ....south of milton, north of navarre, florida
what: camping, paddling and exploring and hanging out on one of the most beautiful sites in the south, or anywhere.
details: grassy point is owned by the northwest florida watermanagement district, it is a pristine cove with great beach and crystal clear water and plenty of exploring to do. i will be there friday and i will stay until who knows when. so, bring plenty of food and water and your paddling gear. we will camp and cook together and paddle the local area on saturday and then a pot luck feast on saturday nite. on sunday, we will paddle boiling creek so nearby so you will need your eglin pass unless you want to hang out at grassy point.
this is a primitive camping site with very, very clean port-a-potties and you will be awed and some hiking trails. if we are lucky, tom and diane, who live nearby may gitve us a tour,again, of their totally self-sufficient home and i may have my 26 foot sailboat. there is no potable water here so you have to bring all your supplies with you and a shared treat.
but, be prepared to sit around the campfire and swap lies and stories and be treated to a great weekend. bring the kids, bring your mother-in-law or just bring yourself. this is a managed area now and they do restrict we will be discreet....??????ha!
i am driving in from prescott, arizona the week before or thereabouts but i will be camped at grassy point expecting you....just show up, there are no reservations and no fees!
directions: take the 87 south exit for milton/navarre. go south over the yellow river bridge and then a few more miles until you come to "olf-choctaw" road. it is the only paved road on the west side as you go south. take a right there and drive until you see the gate for the air force facility and turn just before that on the graded dirt road. should say: grassy point.
go about 5 miles? and stay on the right fork.

Friday, February 09, 2007


Delta Paddle; Contact Bob for full details
Date: Sunday, Feb 11th
Time: afternoon time to be determined
Place: Lower Delta
Launch Fee: As determined by location
Contact: Bob Andrews 367.4144
Length: Reasonable
Directions: Call
Comments: Bob is watching the weather and will make a decision based on the weather. If you wish to paddle with him, call him to let him know and get the details.

Red Maple Slough
Date: Saturday or Sunday, February 24th or 25th; weather depending
Time: TBD
Place: Launch at Old River Docs on the Causeway
Launch Fee: Call Harriet and Fritz
Contact: Harriet and Fritz - 928.4568
Length: 8-10 miles
Directions: Call Harriet and Fritz
Comments: One of the most anticipated paddles of the year - we have about a 3 week window to see the Red Maples as they bud out. Usually this is a prime weekend. Come with us. There is
lots more to see. We will paddle up through Conway and Big Bateau Bay, and back through Conway and possibly Savages Ditch, depending on water levels. Call us to find exact day and time. Bring water and snacks and wear clothes appropriate for whatever the weather dictates.

The Undersea Adventures of Mike deGruy: Award winning cinematographer and Mobile native, Mike deBruy will be making a special appearance at the Saenger Theatre in Mobile, March 6, 2007 at 7pm. Tickets are $10.00 each. This is hosted by Alabama Coastal Foundation and will feature incredible footage from some of the worlds most remote and spectacular locations. Sit back and enjoy as Mike takes you on adventures to: Antartica, Patagonia, Titanic, The Deep and more. Mike has filmed for BBC, PBS, National Geographic, Discovery Channel and more. Call the Saenger 251.208.5600 or Alabama Coastal Foundation 251.990.6002 for tickets or more information.

University of South Alabama Overnight Trip: Anyone intersted in joining Randy Hunter and his USA students on an overnight in the upper Delta, Feb 17, please call 460.6214. There will be a fee involved.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

-- February Meeting and Spring Paddling--

The next meeting of the Mobile Bay Canoe and Kayak Club is Tuesday,
Feb 6 at 7 pm at the Fairhope Yacht Club.

February will bring some weather changes with the climate becoming more favorable for great paddles - the days are getting longer and the trees, plants and flowers are going to begin popping out - remember to look for the wonderful Red Maple Slough paddle that will occur in late Feb or early March. Do you have your Eglin Recreational Pass? (click here if not) A Boiling Creek paddle or two will be happening as we move further into spring, and spring on Boiling Creek is something everyone should experience, but you can't experience it without having the mandatory pass. Everyone is invited to think through some places they'd like to paddle, and go ahead, bite the bullet and lead a trip. We all know there's nothing to leading one other than knowing where you are going (or take someone from the club with you who knows where you are going) and inviting people along.