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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

June Notes and Paddle Information

July Meeting
The next meeting will be held Tuesday, July 1, 2008 at the Tensaw Theater / 5 Rivers Delta Resource Center. This will be a meeting not to miss!....a premiere of the show The Mobile-Tensaw-Delta Revisited presented by the Alabama Public Television show Discovering Alabama. One of the very first Discovering Alabama episodes was “The Mobile-Tensaw Delta.” This new show is not so much an update as it is a new look at the Delta after the Forever Wild and other purchases that have preserved more than 107,000 acres. Doug Phillips and/or Roger Reid will be present to premiere this show for us - and be available for questions and answers and basic discussion. We are most fortunate to be able to view this show before release and in the presense of those responsible for making Discovering Alabama available to our state.
There have been some Mobile-Tensaw Delta Special Addition DVD’s created for this occasion. The DVDs will include Doug’s first show in the Delta produced in 1988 and the new show produced in 2008. They can be purchased for $20.

June Meeting Notes
Thank you to Hank Burch for a fantastic and informative presentation on the Forever Wild Program. For more information on these lands (some of which can be utilized for our recreational enjoyment), go to:

There was also some discussion between members about the Orange Beach Canoe Trail. For a map of the trail, go to:

Looking Forward:
The 2nd Annual Photo Contest will be held during the November meeting. Get your cameras and start snapping shots while your out on your boats! Photos to be entered must not be larger than 8X12 and cannot be digitally enhanced. Watch for more info in the future

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Upcoming Paddles and Events

5th Annual Dog River ‘Dog Paddle’ Race - June 14, 2008
Dog River Park (formerly Luscher-Navco Park)
Kayak & Canoe Races 9am – 12pm
To register for this event, go to:

June Paddles

June 8,2008 Upper Magnolia River Paddle
Leader: Nancy Ward
Meet: 1:30 pm Shell Station on Hwy 98 and Cty Rd 49 in the city of Magnolia Springs
(Careful, Cty Rd 49 comes out in two places---go to the Shell Station)
Notes: Repeat of a popular paddle from 2007. It's casual and relaxing, there's opportunity for swimming, and it's easy to leave early. We'll put in at the Rock St. put in and stay in the no wake zone, which boaters are good to honor. We'll head up river and soon be in areas the power boaters cannot even access. It's possible to get out in a shallow place and play in the water. We'll retrace our path and pass the put in. People can leave early if they must. We'll continue downriver until just before making a wake becomes legal. On our final return we can swim from the sandbar across from the put in. Bring sunscreen, water, snack, pfd, bug spray, anything to make your paddle pleasant. Nancy Ward 990-5575,

Tuesday, June 17 Full Moon Paddle
Leaders: Harriet and Fritz Ingraham.
Put-in Place/Time: 6:30 at Buzbees Landing on Hwy 225
Notes: we will paddle to Yanceys Bay - raft together to snack, then return under full moon.
call if you are coming:::::::::Harriet 604.3741 Fritz 680.8928
$3 put in per kayak
anything else regularly needed

Sunday, June 22 - Upper Magnolia River
Leader: Nancy Ward
Let's have another fun, easy paddle.
Meeting Place/Time: 1:30 pm Shell station on Highway 98 and cty rd 49 in the city of Magnolia Springs. (Careful, cty rd 49 comes out in two places---go to the Shell station.)
Notes: We'll put in at the Rock St. put in and stay in the no wake zone; going upstream then turning around, passing our put in spot, and heading downstream and returning. There's a play in the water spot upstream and a shallow sand bank across from the put in that's near deep enough water to do some real swimming. Bring pfd, sunscreen, water, snack, bug spray, anything to make your paddle pleasant. This time I want people to contact me if they plan to come; even if you're only considering it. 990-5575 or A home repair almost kept me from the last paddle and I had no way to contact anyone. I need phone numbers. If Bob Andrews schedules a paddle for 6/22 this one might be cancelled

June 25th, Wednesday - Mid-Week Paddle
Contact: Tracy Lannie 463-4233 or
Put-In Place/Time: 6pm, River Docs on the causeway (just west of Ed's Shed on the opposite side of the road)
Notes: A short paddle to Whiskey Ditch - plan on being back at launch around sunset. Bring usual gear, PFD, light, water, snacks, bugspray.
Please call if you plan on attending and leave a number where you can be reached in the event my plans change.

Week of June 23 -27 Bob Andrews to lead a paddle one evening during this week, 6pm
Watch for further details

Upcoming July Paddles

July 2nd - Early Morning Dauphin Island Paddle This Paddle has been cancelled
Maggie Pyle

July 4th Fireworks Paddle
If anyone is interested in leading a July 4th Fireworks Paddle, please let me know so I can post it. Gene Boothe usually leads a paddle out of Fairhope but will not be able to do so this year. It is always a spectacular sight to view the fireworks from your kayak so if anyone is interested in organizing this, please step forward. Tracy

July 6, Pelican Point Paddle

Leader: Nancy Ward
Meet: 4pm Sunday, July 6, meet at Pelican Point (at the end of Highway 1).
Notes: I plan to keep near the shore and paddle up the west side of Weeks Bay. I'm told there's houses, then a little marsh, then a nice beach just before you get to Camp Beckwith. I'm also told there could be dolphins playing in the water later in the afternoon. It's an easy paddle. We'll retrace our path and return before dark. Bring sunscreen and bug spray if you think you'll need them. It might also be good to bring a snack. Waves and wind might make me change our route. The good thing about that area is that changes are easy. Contact me if you're coming or considering coming. I need a phone number so I can contact you if plans really change or the paddle gets cancelled. Nancy Ward 990-5575 or