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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Gary Worob has submitted a trip report from the beautiful SW...check it out on the paddle reports page!

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Book review: American Canoe Association, Essentials of Kayak Touring, Menasha Ridge Press,

This book is designed for use in a beginner class. Each chapter ends with a quiz for the student to answer, in workbook format. Each chapter begins with the exploits of some poor beginner named "Rick" who makes every mistake a paddler can make, from buying the wrong gear to capsizing in a shipping lane. Without an instructor, a beginner probably couldn't figure out everywhere poor Rick went wrong.

I'm sure this book is dandy for use in a classroom setting. But if you want to study your kayaking skills on your own, there are plenty of videos and books that are more suitable. My favorite book on the subject is Derek Hutchison's Expedition Kayaking on Sea & Open Water. sells several of Hutchinson's books.

Friday, June 09, 2006

--This Weekend--

June 10th - The Fifth Annual Dog Paddle Races will be held at Luscher Park on the Dog River. You can register for any of several races for all levels of paddler (and their dogs) on race day. Click here for more information.

Sunday June 11th- Bob's Famous Full Moon Paddle
Location: Buzby's Fish Camp on Hwy 225
Time: 6:30pm
Comments: Don't forget to bring cash for the launch fee...$4 or $5 if I remember correctly. We will paddle out with the sunset, and back with the full moon. As always, dinner to follow somwhere along the causeway for those who are interested. For directions or more information, contact Bob Andrews at (251) 367-4144.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

June Club Calendar

We still need people to lead, if you are interested, just shoot me an e-mail with date, time, and location!

Full Moon Paddle
Date: June 11th
Time: shortly before sunset
Place: To be determined, but probably out of Buzby's
Comments: The weather looks great, so details should follow in a day or two. Check back!

Fourth of July Paddle
Date: yes, it will be the 4th of July.
Time: TBA
Place: Fairhope Yacht Club
Comments: 4th of July also happens to fall on the day of the July meeting, so the meeting will probably be held during the paddle. This paddle will take us out from the FYC and onto the bay where we will raft up and enjoy fireworks and good company!

Some follow-on information from the Dauphin Island Bird Sanctuary presentation:
- after some searching, I found the AL Birds message board where I believe you can ask about the conditions favorable for a "fallout," where thousands of migratory birds will collapse on Dauphin Island to build up their energy reserves for the final push north to their nesting grounds.
- You can find a lot of the information presented last night, as well as links and information about birding at