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Friday, January 18, 2002

Flash paddle: Fish Trap to Pirates Cove

Date: Sunday, January 20
Time: 10:00 a.m.
Meeting Place: The end of Baldwin County Highway 95.
Directions: East on Highway 98, to CR95 South. Follow CR95 to the end. Look for Bob Andrews on the side of the road either at the county "park" at the end of the road, or just before the park at the entrance to the Pirates Cove Marina.
Contact: Bob Andrews h/w: 344-8664 cell: 367-4144
Comments: Bob will shuttle us and our boats from the meeting place at Pirates Cove to the put-in at Fish Trap. Plan on about a four-hour paddle, possibly including Ingram's Bayou as a side-trip, if time and energy-levels permit. Bring a lunch to eat on the way. Plan on hanging out afterwards at the bar and grill at Pirates Cove Marina (also known as "The Pirates Cove Institute of High-Level Thinking").

Melanie Beiser writes us:

I have an Old Town Twin Otter Kayak that I would like to sell. It is less than one year old and in EXCELLENT condition. It is granite color and I paid $650 for it. I want $550 for it.
928-5258 hm
990-0240 wk
604-8511 cell

Friday, January 11, 2002

Flash Paddle: Middle, Little, and Shelby Lakes

Date: Saturday, January 12
Time: 10:00 a.m.
Meeting Place: the boat ramp in the campground at Gulf State Park. From Gulf Shores/Gulf State Park, follow the signs to the campground, stop at the gate, then follow the signs to the "boat ramp" by the "Nature Center."
Contact: Bob Andrews h/c: 344-8664 Cell: 367-4144
Comments: A very pretty, easy paddle that includes a creek, a man-made canal, and lakes.



General Information:

1. We e-mail our monthly newsletter to anyone who requests it from Gene at Gene also snail-mails our newsletter to those members who request it. Contact Gene if you would like to receive a newsletter in either format.

2. We are a group of people who enjoy paddling and also enjoy sharing our experiences with others. We are not a formal organization. There are no dues, no application forms, no membership lists (other than Gene's e-mail list). All you have to do to "join" our "club" is send Gene your e-mail address, show up at a paddle, come to a meeting, or just decide you're a member.

3. Our intention is for safety to always be the first priority. It is up to each individual to decide for him/herself whether or not the paddling conditions for each event are within their enjoyment and skill range. Everyone must be responsible for their decision as to whether or not to participate in each event. The coordinator of the paddle should be able to assist with information on the expected paddle conditions. However, always remember that the weather and other conditions can, and quite often do, change both quickly and dramatically.

4. It is always a good idea to contact the trip coordinator for any paddling trip to let them know if you plan to attend. They can contact you with important information, such as trip cancellation, etc. Also, thanks to the paddlers who choose to carry a trash bag to collect rubbish along the way. They make it nicer for everyone.

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Reminder: Permit for Boiling Creek

The old recreational permits for Eglin Air Force Base, to paddle Boiling Creek, have expired. The permits are good from 15 September to 30 September. They cost $5.00. You get a map along with the permit that is worth more than the fee.

Request the Recreational Permit, which is the one for paddling. You can get the permit from one of the gates or by mail. Permits may be obtained from the Jackson Guard Office (Natural Resources Branch), located at Highway 85 North, Niceville FL 32578 (850) 882-4164. The mailing address is:

Eglin Natural Resources Branch
107 Highway 85 North
Niceville, FL 32578

For each permit requested, send a photocopy of either a driver's license or identification card which contains full name, current address (including zip code), current phone number, and date of birth. Specify the type of permit (recreational) desired. Be prepared to wait three weeks for delivery (though recent turn-arounds have been only a few days). Payments can be by personal check, money order, or cashiers check made payable to DFAS-LI Eglin AFB. Cash is not accepted.

Tuesday, January 08, 2002

Bob's presentation at the meeting about paddling the Okeefenokee Swamp made me want to make my reservations and pack my (dry)bags. If you feel the same way, or if you missed the meeting, here are some phone numbers and addresses I copied from Bob's brochures:

To find out how to make reservations and get a permit to paddle, write to:

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service
Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge
Route 2, Box 3330
Folkston, GA 31537
Phone: 912-496-3331

The State of Georgia operates a state park and campground facility in the National Refuge, with water access. For further information, call the Stephen C. Foster State Park in Fargo, Georgia at 912-637-5274.



Paddle: Soldier Creek
Date: Thursday, January 10
Time: 1 p.m.
Meeting Place: The farmer's market by the giant strawberry, west of County Road 95 on Highway 98, at 1 p.m. sharp. We will lead you to the put-in (at the end of State Street) from there.
Comments: This is an easy, beautiful paddle (assuming favorable weather conditions), with a soft, easy put-in that is hard to find if you've never been there. We plan to spend two or three hours paddling. The headwaters of this creek are narrow, clear, winding, and undeveloped. The woods beside the creek are beautiful, and relatively free of invasive species. Bruce is bringing a saw in case the deadfall that blocked our way last month is still there -- it should be no problem for us to clear it.
Contact: Julie at, phone: 928-4623. Please RSVP, and tell me (Julie) your phone number if you plan to come, so we can contact you in the event of any changes or cancellation. We will cancel if the weather is bad.

Paddling Project: Perdido River with the "Alabama Rivers Discovery Expedition"
Date: Saturday, January 12 through Tuesday, January 15
Contact: Bob Andrews h/w: 344-8664, cell: 367-4144
Comments: As previously reported on this webpage, the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources has initiated an "Alabama Rivers Discovery Expedition" to raise public awareness of our state's rivers and streams. The object is to organize long-range canoe-kayak floats in contiguous river sections throughout the state. Perdido River will be the focus of the DCNR this weekend, so call Bob for information about how you can get involved.


And mark your calendar for April 20, when the Sierra Club will be hosting an event for the platforms in the Delta.

Monday, January 07, 2002

!!!!!!!!!!MONTHLY MEETING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The next club meeting will be Tuesday, January 8, 2002, at 7:00, at the Fairhope Yacht Club. Bob will present a program about his Okefenokee Swamp trip.


Paddle Report: Gene Boothe's "Last Sunset" Paddle
Monday, December 31, 2001, off the beach at Fairhope Yacht Club

I have been doing this paddle for a couple of years. The idea is to paddle into the sunset on New Year’s Eve, and then paddle back. Just a nice little paddle, no big deal. Each year has been different, but special in its own way - always pleasant, and sometimes spectacular.

One possible misconception to dispel is that this is not a cold, miserable paddle fit only for the daring. Put warm clothes on, protect them with some type of waterproof outer shell (top and bottom), hat, perhaps gloves, and a spray skirt, and you are all set. I have always been warm as toast and not at all uncomfortable.

We met at the FYC beach around 4:30 on New Year’s Eve to put-in for the 5:08 sunset. There were Sandy and Tom Hearn, Harriet King, Jane Agee and a family friend Brian, my wife Carolyn and I. Right away, we could tell that this paddle was not going to be in the spectacular category. The sky was heavily overcast, the temperature somewhat chilly with the wind initially rather light, but increasing, out of the northwest. The waves were not much of a problem. The tide was a bit low and we had to slant a little downhill to get the kayaks in the water. An alternative to paddling the open bay was to paddle down the adjoining Fly Creek, in case the weather/waves became uncomfortable. In case the weather turned bad, there was always the gazebo on shore.

I could have shared a little more information on the beach prior to push-off. My idea was to paddle a short ways offshore, watch the sunset in good company, toast the end of one year and the beginning of a new one, then paddle in. I just assumed that everyone knew the plan.

I was around the last one to get off the beach. We grouped momentarily about 25 yards off the shore. Just as I was about to tell everyone of what I thought was a wonderful spot to view the sunset from, the group scattered, picking out their own spot. Carolyn thought it would be a better paddle if we headed north along the shore. As it was suddenly getting a little too rough for a recreational kayak, Tom and Sandy headed for the Fly Creek vantage point. I am not sure where the others went as they started to fade from view.

Given that this was short paddle in a small area, in fairly shallow water close to shore, I was comfortable with the idea of each paddler being free to follow their own bow to the spot they choose for this occasion. However, the others evidently didn’t know that I had the champagne (if that is what you can call Cooks – one saves the more expensive stuff until after the waves).

I was wearing only a mini skirt, not a full skirt (cockpit cover), so I had a little room in the cockpit to keep stuff. The best place I could find to keep the champagne bottle was wedged between my legs.

Anyway, I chose to lie abeam (sideways) to the northwest waves, which were by now becoming small rollers. This pointed my bow directly into what there was of the sunset in the southeast. I was far enough off shore so as not to hear any shore/people sounds, but shallow enough to wade back, just in case. This was very pleasant. The wind was whispering its own tune, pelicans were silhouetted against the sky, the waves soothing. I couldn’t imagine a better farewell salute to an old friend and the anticipation of a new one. The sunset became more of the sky just getting darker, rather than a radiant fade, but I was at peace with the world and found what I was looking for.

After the second or third toast, I decided that it might be good to stay at peace with my wife and went looking for her. The wind and waves had carried me about a quarter on a mile down the beach, south of the club. Both were starting to build and there wasn’t much twilight left. As I passed the entrance to Fly Creek, no paddlers were in sight. I was alone in the twilight and didn’t know whether the others had rounded the bend in the creek by Fly Creek Cafe by now, or had paddled north along the shore of the bay.

Out on the darkening northwest horizon of the bay toward Mobile, were two small dots that I took to possibly be small outboards or even jet skies. From my vantagepoint, they appeared to be rather stationary, more-or-less bobbing around in the same place. I paddled off in their direction to check to see if they needed help, and met Harriet and Brian returning from Goodness only knows where. Harriet taught me a lesson I won’t soon forget. Never turn broadside and wait for someone who is surfing down what were now large waves, to offer them a cup of champagne. We finally did share a toast, but it was like pouring the cup to someone while we were both riding galloping horses. Part of the adventure.

We made it safely into the club harbor in Fly Creek and I quickly took out on a floating platform so as to assist the others. However, they decided on more adventure, not assistance, and paddled back out into the night. So, I toasted the adventurers, the night wind – which was the only one keeping me company at the time, and anything else I could think of. I am not sure exactly how long it was before the group reassembled, but everyone was safe & sound, and seemed to have had a good time. I know that I did.

Part Two of the story was the get together at my house. However, this is for another time. I will say that good company made for a special time and I liked that very much. Gene


The intention of these reports is not to strive for excellence in literature. Rather, they are to pass along some information about where to go, what you may see if you go there, and other stuff paddlers might want to know if they go there. Hopefully, someone on other paddles will not be intimidated about writing and share information about their paddle with the rest of us. A side benefit is that these reports will make interesting reading for those who like this kind of stuff, but couldn’t make this trip.

So don't be shy! Please send us paddle reports!

Friday, January 04, 2002

Get Together:
The weather is not very good for paddling, but let's get together anyway to eat and drink.

Date: Saturday, January 5, 2002
Time: 7:00 p.m.
Place: Papa's Place in Daphne
Contact: Lisa Moore Haywood
Comments: The last time I (Julie) had dinner at Papa's Place, they had no liquor license, so it was BYOB. There is a wine shop right next door.