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Tuesday, October 30, 2001

Upcoming paddle and PARTY: Remember the Blue Moon Paddle at Jane Agee's house this Saturday, November 3. Please RSVP ASAP so she will know how much food to buy. This is our anniversary paddle and is the major club event of the year. Everyone is welcome and we hope that you will come.

There will be a canoe free style paddle exhibition by Tom Fink and Charlie Mink around dark (5:30?). then, we will do a moonlight paddle on Magnolia River, put-in at Jane's. Upon the return to shore, the primary event, the pot-luck social, will commence.

If you can't make it for the first two events, come to dinner. This is a great time to meet, or make, friends. Everyone is welcome. Bring a covered dish to share. Again, remember to RSVP Jane Agee at 965-7154, (We are not sure that this e-mail works - she has had problems with Gulftel. Please telephone Jane instead of e-mailing your RSVP, if you can.)

Those of you who are already on our mailing list have received directions Jane's house. If you have not already received directions, e-mail Gene at

Saturday, October 20, 2001

Bob Andrews will lead a paddle Sunday, October 21 departing from Pelican Point ( end of Hwy 1) at 1:00 PM. The paddle will head south along the coastline past the inhabited area until the participants are ready to return for a late afternoon meal at Pelican Point. Four kayaks have already jumped at this opportunity to enjoy the beautiful weather. Join them. This wonderful weather can't last forever!

Sunday, October 14, 2001


Coastal Kayak Basic Rescue Course

Terry and Randy Hurd of Gulf Coast Wilderness Adventures write us as follows: My husband Randy and I are both ACA Coastal Kayak Open Water Instructors For Gulf Coast Wilderness Adventures ( and attended the Club meeting last month. We propose offering a 3 hour class (outline below), @ a price of $30.00 each with about 4 or 5 guides total. We will provide the rescue gear and can provide some limited kayaks. All participants will be getting wet. The course outline is as follows: Each participant will learn/practice self-rescue techniques, be able to rescue another boater and be familiar with basic rescue, signaling equipment and group planning for safety.

I. Land class: kayak/PFD design function as related to safety, USCG, HELP / HUDDLE, importance spray skirts, Dry land wet exit, rescue equip.

II. Water Work: Wet exit, self-rescue-Paddle float re-enter and pump (w/w/o stirrup), Assisted T rescue of others (stirrup if needed) PRACTICE RESCUE GUIDES
III. Land class/debrief: USCG signaling, float plan, group paddling.

We would like to offer this on either October 20th or 21st and require a minimum of 10 people to teach it (can handle 15 people max). We can also offer multiple classes if needed that weekend or in the future. Each participant will need weather appropriate clothing. To register, please call Randy or Terry at Gulf Coast Wilderness Adventures LLC @ (850) 492-7128, if necessary leave message and we will get back to you ASAP.

Paddle: Fishers Lake Paddle

Date: Sunday October 28, 2001
Meet: We will meet at the new Stagecoach restaurant in beautiful downtown Stockton at 9:00 AM.
Guide: Matt Darring,, H-343-1196, W-341-1712 (Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat)
Comments: This is a beginner/intermediate level paddle to Fishers Lake in the North Delta. It will be a little over 9 miles long and should take about 4 to 5 hours. Bring usual safety gear, lunch, water, and a camera, because the area is very scenic.

In other news:

The old recreational permits for Eglin Air Force Base, to paddle Boiling Creek, expired. The permits are good from 15 September to 30 September. They cost $5.00. You get a map along with the permit that is worth more than the fee.

Request the Recreational Permit, which is the one for paddling. You can get the permit from one of the gates or by mail. The instructions on my old map states that permits may be obtained from the Jackson Guard Office (Natural Resources Branch), located at Highway 85 North, Niceville FL 32578 (850) 882-4164. The mailing address is:

Eglin Natural Resources Branch
107 Highway 85 North
Niceville, FL 32578

For each permit requested, send a photocopy of either a driver’s license or identification card which contains full name, current address (including zip code), current phone number, and date of birth. Specify the type of permit (recreational) desired. Be prepared to wait three weeks for delivery. Payments can be by personal check, money order, or cashiers check made payable to DFAS-LI Eglin AFB. Cash is not accepted.

I was checked for a permit the last time I paddled Boiling Creek. I would think that there is a good chance that permits may be checked again.

Thursday Slackers: Fritz Ingraham (334-990-5987, is going to try and lead a Thursday paddle fairly often. You can check with him to see what is coming up.


Member Events:
From: Lisa Moore Haywood
Subject: Halloween Events: addresses needed by October 16!

Carl and I have a tradition of hosting most interesting Halloween events. On Saturday October 27, we will have such an event. If you are interested in a genuinely scary affair, please e-mail your home or work mailing address (not email) no later than October 16 to On October 31, weather permitting, we will also have a memorable trick or treat for people of short, but increasing stature. Taller, non-increasing stature people are welcomed to help with that bemusing activity.

If you have already provided your address to us, no need send via email.

Lisa Moore Haywood
Steve Delker writes us:
I'll be heading up to Byrnes Lake this afternoon. ETA about 3:00 to 3:30. Anyoneone who would like to join in is welcome. My phone number is in the Eastern Shore phonebook. I realize this is very short notice. However, it will also serve as my "Float-Plan"--in case I'm never heard from again.

Wednesday, October 10, 2001

Flash paddle: Fritz will be leading a paddle from Pelican Point (at the end of County Road 1) TOMORROW, Thursday, October 11, at 6:00 p.m. Bring at least one white light -- a flashlight is fine. If the weather doesn't cooperate, then we'll just go inside and eat. RSVP Fritz at 334-990-5987,



General Information:

1. We e-mail our monthly newsletter to anyone who requests it from Gene at Gene also snail-mails our newsletter to those members who request it. Contact Gene if you would like to receive a newsletter in either format.

2. We are a group of people who enjoy paddling and also enjoy sharing our experiences with others. We are not a formal organization. Our intention is for safety to always be the first priority. It is up to each individual to decide for him/herself whether or not the paddling conditions for each event are within their enjoyment and skill range. Everyone must be responsible for their decision as to whether or not to participate in each event. The coordinator of the paddle should be able to assist with information on the expected paddle conditions. However, always remember that the weather and other conditions can, and quite often do, change both quickly and dramatically.

3. It is always a good idea to contact the trip coordinator for any paddling trip to let them know if you plan to attend. They can contact you with important information, such as trip cancellation, etc. Also, thanks to the paddlers who choose to carry a trash bag to collect rubbish along the way. They make it nicer for everyone.

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Thursday, October 04, 2001

Paddle tonight:The full calendar of October paddles is not yet complete, but please be aware that Fritz will lead a club paddle tonight. It's one of our club favorites: Meet at Buzbee's on 225 north of Spanish Fort, and paddle up Bay Minette Creek. Because the sun is setting earlier every day, Fritz says he'll be in the water and paddling upstream promptly at 6:00, so if you get there late, you'll have to catch up with him. My notes from the Tuesday meeting do not indicate Fritz's plans about food and drink, but this particular paddle is usually pretty food-intensive, so it can't hurt to bring something to share. RSVP Fritz (and I strongly recommend you check in with him to confirm the details because I'm relying on my meeting notes, here) at 334-990-5987,

Wednesday, October 03, 2001

Flash paddle: Bruce is home for more days than he expected, and will be leading a paddle to Soldier Creek TOMORROW, Thursday, October 4. Meet at the giant strawberry at the farmer's market east of Elberta on U.S. Highway 98, near County Road 95, at 11 a.m.

This is a really great, new paddle that Bruce and I explored a couple of weeks ago and that Bruce wrote about on our webpage recently. Click here to read his report.

Bring food and drink -- there will be plenty of opportunity to pull off in the woods and picnic. Plan on spending a few hours exploring the maze of headwaters. This is an easy, though long, paddle, and you will have the chance to stretch your legs if you want.

RSVP by calling Bruce at 625-2156 or e-mailing me (Julie):

Monday, October 01, 2001

Flash paddle: It's October, it's the night before the full moon, and moonlight paddling simply does not get any better than this. I will put in tonight at 6 p.m. sharp at the Fairhope Yacht Club. I will paddle up Fly Creek, enjoy the sunset, then paddle north in the bay and enjoy the moonlight. This will be a slow, leisurely, easy paddle, close to shore. I would love it if anybody wants to join me. Bring at least one white light, and as many additional lights as you have. (We will keep the lights off as long as there is no boat traffic, but the law requires us to carry one after sunset and you'll want as many lights as you can lay hands on when power boats are around.) Feel free to bring whatever food or drink you want, but I personally don't plan to picnic or dine out afterwards. Please call or e-mail me if you do want to come. Land: 928-4623. Cell: 422-8138. E-mail: