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Friday, May 18, 2001

In February, Mike Predmore led a paddle trip to establish a geocache site at the Middle Bay Lighthouse.
For more information on geocaches, go to Geocache
Hey Bruce,
Thanks for the cruise commentary! I guess I'll have to live vicariously
through your experiences until I can get a free day to paddle with you guys.
Just an FYI (pardon if you've already heard this one) you can get real time
weather info from the station at the East end of Dauphin Isle by accessing
the NOAA web site. The direct shot is :$station=dpia1
the buoy 64mi south of DI is the above address ending "42040"
To get real time weather from any region go to: click on "recent marine data" and then click
on the area map.
Hope I can catch up with you guys soon.

john weems

Thank you , John. here's the link

Dauphin Island Data Buoy
Dauphin Island real time weather 42040

Thursday, May 17, 2001

Wednesday May 16, 2001 Paddle Bay Minette Basin Leader : Paul Morgan

Directions : From Spanish Fort drive north on 225 to Bay Minette Creek. Turn off the road just before the Creek at Buzbee's Fish Camp.

We had 13 boats and 14 paddlers show up for this evening paddle on Bay Minette Basin. The sky was clear and the wind was brisk out of the southwest. We had a full tide so the
basin had plenty of water for us to paddle without scaring the fish too badly. The aquatic plants are coming up nicely. Near Buzbees, I saw some yellow budding plants and up in
the top end of the basin the American Lotus is thriving. That should be a good location to see the big yellow blooms this summer. I was very surprised we did not see any
alligators on this trip. We paddled the calm water of the basin, making as much speed from the wind at our backs as we do by paddling. A flight of about 30 ibis flew below tree
top height from the north to the south in a double V formation right over us. Mary Lee and Felicia arrived late with their Loons and made an impressive speed run to catch up to us
about mid basin. Way to go! The wind kept all the bugs off us for the trip up to the north end of the basin for a very pleasant evening. We had some new faces in the group including Mrs. Chrissy Morgan and a couple of new boats too. We rafted up in a creek at the north end for
refreshments. Paul paddled a canoe with Sally, his Mom, who brought yummy snacks she makes herself. We greedily gathered around them to sample the delicious cheese spread and
crispy bread slices. Mary Lee and Felicia shared their white wine and snacks as Sally shared a bottle of red wine. Just about 7:25 the rushes around us cranked up frog sounds. We had been
hearing a few bullfrogs on the trip up, but now the chorus of higher pitched frog song surrounded us. Big chunky dragonflies patrolled up wind of us keeping the few insects out
of our group. At 8, we were losing light and the moon would not be up for us so we departed. We deliberately waited to see if the wind would abate, but now we were forced to
go. The trip back was nearly south and the wind was southwest, so the boats wanted to weather cock a little to the right. When we reached the more reedy parts of the south basin
the wind seemed a little calmer but darkness had settled enough. We had no benefit from the light pollution from Daphne or Mobile because the air was so very clear and cloudless.
We had some points of light in the trees and on radio towers for reference, but the sky was so clear, starlight was really the main source of light. We paddled back to the bridge and
the take out at Buzbee's, arriving just before 9:00. Can you guess who said "Hey, lets go to Ed's for supper!" Where does he put all those groceries?

Wednesday, May 16, 2001

Tuesday we had a good roll class. Tommy, Bob and Paul taught seven of us paddlers roll technique for a couple of hours in the Homestead pool. We had two paddlers do the Roll!! Congratulations.

Monday, May 14, 2001

Update: new webmaster!

It appears that this website is now as bug-free as a website can be, and I will be out of town quite a bit this summer, so Bruce will be taking over as administrator of this website.

I'm heading for New York shortly. I'll miss you guys! Happy paddling!


Revised contact list:
If you want to get on our e-mail list, or if you have questions about or additions to the MBCAKC's calendar of events, please e-mail Gene at

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Cat Island Paddle Leader : Tom Fink

Paddle to Cat Island, Alabama to see a major heron/egret nesting colony. We will meet at 8 AM at Dick Russells Restaurant on Route 90, Sunday May 20, 2001. To get there take Interstate 10 West to exit 17.
Take exit to Higgins Road, Tilman's corner (other exit is to Dauphin Island). You will pass on the left a super Walmart. Pass by Halls Mill Road and then make the left onto route 90 (south mostly here, but
sign will say Route 90 West). Immediately get in the right lane and look on the right for the Dick Russells Restaurant. It has a very prominent sign. I will be there probably with a big yellow and white 22'
plus Necky Nootka Plus on a dark green Honda Civic. Around 8:30 to 8:45 AM we will leave for Coden, Alabama on the Mississippi Sound. The open water paddle to Cat Island is about 3.75 miles one way.
Bring your kayak skirts. We must all stick together when on the island to avoid disturbing the birds.
MBCAKC Paddle Reminders and New Paddles

We have an invitation to join a paddle with the West Florida Canoe Club, and a reminder of the paddles for this coming week.

Tuesday, May15: Roll Class, Homestead Village pool; arrive 6:30; in-water 7:00 - 8:40 p.m.; cost to be determined by attendance; RSVP, Tommy Swearingen, 937-FARM
(937-3276). It is important to inform Tommy if you want to participate. There is a set charge for the use of the pool and we have to know if enough people want to participate to
make the cost sharing per person economically feasible. I am not sure whether we will once again share a few kayaks or use our own. However, it is also important that the kayaks
be clean so as to not dirty the pool and require extra cleaning.

Wednesday, May 16: 6 p.m. Bay Minette Basin; Buzbee's Fish Camp ($3 per person boat launch); snacks/dinner under oaks or raft-up; Leader: Paul Morgan, 471-2104.

Saturday, May 19: There are three paddles to choose from, including the one from the WFCC.

1. Rice Creek to Mound Island 7:30 a.m. $5.00; Leader: Tommy, Swearingen for info. & rentals 937-3960. Notice that this is an a.m., not a p.m., put-in time, as was accidentally given in the initial club May calendar.

2. Magnolia & Fish Rivers Cleanup. Register at Lulu's on US 98 and Fish River.

3. Below is a copy of the notice from Susan Mink, of the WFCC:

Please send the following information to your members. We hope to see you on the water.

May 19 & 20

Grand Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve/ Tuxachanie Creek, Mississippi

Peter Hoar, the Reserve Manger, will be leading the first part of this trip through sections of the Grand Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve at Moss Point, Mississippi. We plan to do two sections of the reserve. The first is more open water out to several Indian shell mounds and through typical marsh ecosystems of the area. The second part will take us up through an ever narrowing tidal drainage and into the pinewoods. Kayaks and faster canoes are preferred for the reserve paddle since it is open water. A launch fee (under $2.00) may be charged at one of the put-in’s. This trip will be a wonderful opportunity to see some great marsh scenery as well as increase your knowledge of estuarine ecosystems.

Sunday’s run will put us on the Tuxachanie Creek, a tributary of the Tchoutacabouffa River north of Biloxi, Mississippi. This will be a shorter run on a creek of about the size of Pond Creek, but much less technical.

We will be camping Friday and/or Saturday night at the Davis Bayou Campground at the Gulf Islands National Seashore headquarters in Ocean Springs, Mississippi. There are no reserved sites; however, the ranger advised that there should be no problem finding a site on that weekend. They allow two tents per site so doubling up is a possibility. The cost of electrical hookup - $16.00 per night; non-electrical - $14.00 per night; 50% discount for Golden Age Pass. The campground features hot showers and the sites are set among shady oaks and other hardwoods.

For those so inclined, a 15.5 mile bike trail leaves the pavilion and passes along beaches and into historic downtown Ocean Springs, passing by old train depots, museums, forts, etc. A brochure is available at park headquarters.

Getting there: From Pensacola to the park – Take I-10 to Fountainbleau exit in Mississippi (Hwy 57). Go south on 57 to 90; west on 90 to the out skirts of Ocean Springs – follow signs to Gulf Islands. We will leave the campground at 8:45 a.m. sharp to convoy to the Reserve Headquarters on Saturday. We will leave the campground at 10:00 a.m. sharp for the Tuxachanie on Sunday.

To Reserve Headquarters – Take the first exit past the Mississippi State line (immediately past the weigh station) turn south to Hwy 90, cross Hwy 90 and proceed about a mile to a paved road on you left which immediately crosses a railroad track. After crossing the track bear right and proceed to the reserve headquarters – a double –wide surrounded by a chain link fence. This is about a two-hour ride from Pensacola. We will meet at the Headquarters at 9:30 sharp for introduction and briefing by Peter Hoar.

Please call Charlie Mink if you plan to join us or if you have to cancel. Work 850-433-1619, home 850-453-3298.


June 16,17, 30 – July 1 also from the WFCC

Please send the following information to your members.

Thank you

Charlie Mink

American Canoe Association and the West Florida Canoe Club

invite you to attend this year’s flatwater and moving water canoe classes.

Four full days of instruction are provided by ACA Certified Instructors. The curriculum includes sections on:

Safety and rescue
Car topping and carries
Knots and bends
Shuttle and on the water logistics
Concepts of paddling
Flatwater strokes and maneuvers
River reading
River running
Principles of river rescue
Moving water strokes and maneuvers
Individual evaluations

The cost for this course is $50 per person plus $5.00 ACA event membership (waived for ACA members).

Dates are June 16,17, 30 – July1

For further information and to obtain a registration form call:

Charlie Mink - Work: 850-433-1619 Home: 850-453-3298
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Computers. Can't live with 'em; can't live without 'em.

Monday, May 07, 2001

May 5, 2001, Cinco de Mayo Full Moon Paddle

Leader and hostess: Jane Agee.

Directions: Magnolia River in Magnolia Springs, Alabama is located south of U.S. 98 in Baldwin County. Take route 49 south from US 98. Turn right at Jesse's Restaurant and go to the public put in at Rock Street. This landing is public, but do not stay until dark. Signs indicate hours it is open. Alternatively put in at Noltie Creek landing. On 49, cross the bridge over the Magnolia River past Jesse's Restaurant and go to route 26 westbound. A boat ramp on the right is open to the public with a $3 launch fee on the honor system.

Jane Agee hosted us at her home on the Magnolia River. We had 24 boats for the paddle and a couple were tandems. Additional people showed who did not paddle but came for the social. This is great! Y'all come on out to visit even if you don't make the paddle. Visiting is part of being in our club too. Jane had cars and trailers in her front yard and boats in her back yard. We started putting boats in the water at 5 and kept going past 6. We slowly paddled down river because we had oodles of time to get out for 7:30 sunset. The river is beautiful. Fine homes line the riverbanks in town, and further downstream, the housing stops and trees come all the way to the water. Wading birds and pelicans make a good living on this river. It is still a very healthy ecosystem. It should be; the residents show great pride in their little river.

About a dozen boats stayed together and we went into Weeks Creek. Weeks Creek is little developed. It has two piers and no homes visible from the river. A couple of blue Gallinule birds with enormous yellow feet flew along the right bank looking for fish at the waters edge. Birds called from the forest, but one paddler wondered aloud, "Why we don't see any animals?" The water mirrored the green broadleafed trees in the stillness ahead of the boats. Frank Laraway was way ahead of the main group. He reported later that he saw lots of evidence of beavers feeding at the shoreline of Weeks Creek. Plenty of water plants had been uprooted and nibbled.

As we rounded a curve, I saw a family fishing in a bass boat ahead and decided not to go by them with a dozen boats. We turned around about 6:35 to backtrack to the main channel. If we used the same amount of time to go back as we used coming here, we would be in time for sunset in the main channel. We returned to the intersection of Weeks Creek and Magnolia River with the sun still above the treeline. Gene escorted a first time paddler back to Jane's place. The river was just about glassy smooth and the power boats had gone home for the night. I paddled down river to a small island. Some old pilings form a barrier to large boat traffic at one end of the island and I ducked through a 3 foot gap in the pilings to paddle in the undisturbed channel behind the island. Fritz Ingram in a Tampico followed me through and we paddled towards the end of this channel which is blocked similarly with pilings at the other end. On the rightmost piling sat a grizzled looking pelican. We paddled quietly in formation until we were about 50 feet from the pilings. Then we both rested our paddles on deck and coasted slowly right past the pelican. The pelican let us go by without getting up and flying away!

Back out in the main channel we were joined by several more paddlers coming down river. We made ourselves comfortable near Eslava Creek. Some went on into Eslava Creek and came back quickly. Eslava Creek has a gator nursery, or at least a high concentration of gators. This was a very pleasant setting to watch the sunset. We had high wispy cirrus clouds over toward the direction of sunset and a curtain of slightly thicker clouds to the left or south of sunset. Behind us a broken ceiling of rippled clouds partially covered the moon. The sun went down and we waited briefly for the clouds to uncover the moon, which they did. We paddled back under a clear sky with some alpen glow behind us and an unobscured moon ahead and to our right.

Back at Jane's, we saw two dozen Tiki torches blazing away around her dock. She had tables and chairs set up - room enough for every one. The potluck selection gave us umpteen choices and Jane had barbecued ribs and several whole roasted chickens out on the serving table. Under a live oak we had another table with mixers, wide glasses for Margaritas and a blender. Along about 10:30 we started collecting stuff to carry up to Jane's house. But the party continued as long as we had people standing up talking, sometime after 11. Her neighbors, Billie and Carrie, came over and we had a good visit. Thanks heaps, Jane.
May 3, 2001, Whiskey Ditch Paddle Trip

Leader: Bob Andrews

Directions: Put in on the Mobile Bay Causeway at Tensaw Point Ecotours. Pass Picada parallels the Causeway to the north. Paddle east in Pass Picada to the Apalachee River and turn left to the north. Follow the reeds on your left to the trees and the entrance of Whiskey Ditch to the left of the larger trees.

Thursday evening, 11 paddlers met at 6 p.m. at the Tensaw Point Ecotours location for this paddle. The weather was wonderful. We had some clouds overhead but the air was light out of the south and comfortable. When we entered Whiskey Ditch we saw lush green water plants on our right. Some had small flowers like white clover. The taller grasses were on our right. Frogs and insect sounds just seemed right for an evening out. The birds were few but the spider lilies were plentiful on both sides of the Ditch. White spider lilly blooms stood about head high clustered 2-6 per stalk with six long thin petals extending from a white center.

We meandered through the marsh and made side trips to explore routes through the reeds. The water level is comfortably high now and the aquatic growth leaves a nice wide channel in the Ditch. We broke out in the lake half an hour before sunset. The surface was mirror calm and we rafted up to visit and enjoy the sunset and good company.

After sunset through the trees, we paddled out again, but now the cooler evening air brought out a flower fragrance. We could not locate the source of the fragrance; the breeze out of the south blew over the marsh before we got it. Maybe something out of our line of sight was blooming in the reeds and giving us this nice fragrance.

We made good progress back to Tensaw Point Ecotours and from there seven of us went to Ed's Seafood Shed for a feeding frenzy on the elevated deck.

Life is good.

Wednesday, May 02, 2001

Tuesday May 1, 2001
The Mobile Bay Canoe and Kayak club met at the Fairhope Yacht Club Jubilee Room.
We reviewed the previous month's paddle trips and brought up some news that appears in this website. Matt Derring presented a slide show of his month of adventures in the Alaskan Wilderness kayaking and camping. He is really a humorous guy. Great story.
Thanks, Matt.
May 2001 Calendar of Events
(updated May 1, 2001)

1 MBCAKC Membership meeting: 7:00 p.m. FYC

2 7:30 West Fla. Canoe Club Meeting

3 Whiskey Ditch. Meet 6 p.m. Tensaw Point Eco-tours
Leader: Bob Andrews 344-8664

5 FULL MOON paddle at Jane Agee's house on Magnolia River. RSVP 965-7154
This is a great paddle and we always have the famous potluck afterwards.

15 Roll Class 7:00 - 8:40 p.m. cost to be determined by attendance numbers.
Leader: Tommy Swearingen 937-FARM

16 Bay Minette Basin. 6 p.m. $3 per person at Buzbees Fish Camp.
Leader: Paul Morgan 471-2104

19 Rice Creek to Mound Island 7:30 a.m. $5
Leader : Tommy Swearingen 937-3960
19 Weeks Bay, Magnolia River, Fish River Cleanup.
Register at Lulu's on US 98 and Fish River

20 Battleship Alabama to Polecat Bay. 11 a.m.
Leader Matt Derring. 343-1196
20 Cat Island. Meet at Dick Russels in Tillman's Corner 8:30 a.m.
Leader Tom Fink 457-0325

23 Surprise Trip.
Leader : Bob Andrews 344-8664
We have a request for volunteers. Check your calendar.

I am the assistant director for the First Annual Pelican Point Triathlon to
be held just south of Fairhope, Alabama on June 30, 2001, starting at 7:00
AM. It will include a .33 mi swim, 19.1 mi bike, and 3.1 mi run. Virginia
Holland referred us to you because we are hoping that your club would be
willing to use your kayaks and members to patrol the swim course. We will
need 4-6 kayaks or canoes and volunteers to control them if possible. If the
volunteers are unavailable, we can find people to use them. The kayaks would
carry an extra life vest to give to any swimmer in need of one. We don't
anticipate any problems because the swim is so short and shallow, but it
would give us some insurance that if there were a problem help would be close
by. In return for your help we would be happy to add your club to our sponsor
list on our web page, and flyers, and put you on our T-shirt, we could also
include a flyer with information about your club in a packet we will give the
participants. If you wanted to set up a booth at the race that would be great
too! We expect about 150-300 athletes (mostly local) so it would give you
some good exposure. Let me know if you have any questions and please feel
free to call me or Chris (the director of the race). Our web site is

Thanks for your support and we hope this will work out!!!

Jeff Pollock

Chris Hendricks