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Thursday, August 19, 2004

Flash Paddle: Overnight on Jug Lake Platform
Date: Saturday-Sunday, August 21-22, 2004
Time: put in at 8:00 am Saturday morning
Place: put in at Rice Creek Landing, spend the night on the Jug Lake Platform
Contact: Tom Mayer, 680-4445,
First Come First Serve: 3 people have committed to go. Although the platform limit is 8, Tom wants to limit paddlers to 6 until we see how crowded it will be once everyone spreads their stuff out. That means there are 3 more slots. First come, first serve.
Special equipment: Bring your own food and plenty of hydration. Insect repellant, sleeping cover (at least netting), dry clothes are probably minimal requirements to maintain a good attitude. Tom says grouches could get voted off the island, uhh platform.
Comments: Be the first one on our block to use one of the Bartram Canoe Trail platforms in the Delta. Tom Meyer has reserved the Jug (Fisher) Lake Platform for Saturday night, August 21, 2004. We plan to put in at Rice Creek Landing at 8:00 a.m. Saturday. We'll follow the Rice Creek-Briar Lake-Larry Island-Jessamine Bayou-Jug (Fisher) Lake route to the platform. We should be there by mid-morning. We plan to go on through to the Indian Mounds, walk in and eat lunch there. We'll have the afternoon to do-da pretty much anywhere within a few miles that we want. Getting back to the platform by say 5 p.m., or before, gives us plenty of time to settle in and do supper.
Tom writes us: The weather gods have decreed rain but I went out back, drew a circle in the dirt, burned some chicken feathers, and howled at the moon so we should be okay, even if it's a little wet. Hey! It keeps the mosquitoes down:) Part of what draws us to such a place is taking it on it's own terms, is it not? Anyway, it's a covered platform. I would be prepared to sleep behind netting. Return to the landing offers many options that will give us something to talk about Saturday night. This will be a leisurely lazy paddle where we intend to poke and snoop, mosey and meander, and just generally soak up one of the classic delta experiences. As a bonus, we get to tell the story about being the first ones to overnight on the platforms (legally).