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Monday, June 28, 2004

Gene Boothe has sent us the following reminder of his
Glorious 4th Fireworks Paddle:

Activity: 1. Paddle to the Fairhope Municipal Pier at dusk on July 4th. 2. Listen to the Baldwin Pop Orchestra as we approach the pier. 3. Beach on the sandbar on the east side of the marina on the pier. 4. Eat potluck off the boats. 5. Watch the fireworks overhead. (The Mobile fireworks at the battleship and Daphne’s are also visible from location.) The display is absolutely awesome from this location. 6. Finally, paddle back to the yacht club (lights on) just off the end of the piers along the shore – where powerboats do not seem to travel at night. This has been one of the most heavily attended events for the club in the past and I look forward to a wonderful time this year.

Time of fireworks: According to the Eastern Shore web site, both the fireworks and the Baldwin County Pops Independence Day Concert begin at 7:30.

Put-In (and take-out): Fairhope Yacht Club

Departure Time: begin paddle to the Fairhope Municipal Pier at approximately 6:00 p.m. Come earlier and play on the beach or in the water with the family and friends. This is a family event. You can depart when you want. Late is OK. However, for the fun of it, it is spectacular for a large number of boats to start together, from the end of the yacht club pier. The signal will be a wave of a paddle. This is no race, just a start and then a leisurely paddle.

Food & Drinks: Bring something for yourself and extra to share if you desire. In the past, this event has turned into a buffet. Plan A is to eat off the boats on the sandbar, if there is enough of one to use. The tide will be falling from a high tide at 12:47, so I expect it to be ok. If not, we can eat at the Yacht Club. If it is the sandbar, Bob will have his war canoe again which can be used as a table. Use discretion with beverages on the sandbar, as alcohol is not allowed on either the beach or pier (which we will not be on). There is no one to coordinate the food, so this will be potluck. Extra line or an anchor may be useful, especially if there are a large number of boats.

Special Concerns: Make sure and take all Coast Guard required safety equipment, including a safety light. The weather is unpredictable at this time of the year. Storms, high winds, rain, and waves are always a possibility. Each boater must decide for themselves whether or not to participate. The water should be about waist high on adults for most of the paddle and anyone should be able to wade ashore if desired from any point on the paddle. The return paddle will be at night with a very large number of powerboats in the area. However, I have never encountered a powerboat in the shallow water just off the beach on the route of the return paddle we will take on this event. Everyone should turn at least one light on during the return paddle. Everyone should watch out for the very young or elderly in their party, as there are expected to be too many people for me to effectively watch out for at night and also since people tend to depart on their own.