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Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Marilyn Craig writes us:
Thought I'd let you know that I talked to Dick Becker, who works at Bellingrath, and he said that club members will get in to see the Antique Car show for free when we paddle to Bellingrath before the club party on April 3.

Tony Kramer writes us:
Dear Paddlers,

Based on the feed back I have been getting from some of the club members on Mobile Bay and West Florida I have put together two classes that I will be offering on Mobile Bay the weekend of March 27th through April 4th.

Both classes offered are kayak saftey and rescue classes. The first is geared to recreational kayakers and beginners. The second will focus on kayak touring and sea kayak saftey and rescue. This class is for novice and advanced paddlers.
Reservations for both classes need to be made by March 19th and deposits recieved by March 24th.

If you are interested in one of these classes just highlight the title of the class, cut it, then click on my email and paste the title into the "Subject" box. In the body of the email give your name, email and what dates you would like to take the class. Add any other info or questions you may have.

1) Recreational Kayak Safety and Rescue:

This will be a two hour class held on the Bay, at the park on Mobile Street, Fairhope, Alabama.
Again, this class is for recreational kayakers and beginners. If you don't have a boat I can provide one for you.

Class will cover:

*Loading, lifting and portage of your kayak.
*Proper wet exits
*Proper deep water re-entries ( Stirrup and paddle float methods.)
*Assisted rescues.
*Avoiding shoulder strains and injuries.

Dates & Times : Sunday March 28th - 2pm to 4pm
March 30th - 4pm to 6pm
Cost: $65 per person

2) Kayak Touring and Sea Kayak Saftey and Rescue:

This is a more advance rescue class with a day paddle to Sand Island Lighhouse. The class will begin at the beach at Fort Morgan and Dixie Bar. All rescue work will be done off the beach head. (If the surf conditions are higher than 3 to 4 feet we will hold the class at the Fairhope Pier with a day paddle on the bay.) While under way in the day paddle we will work on assisted, "man in the water", rescues and eskimo rescues ( bow and paddle presentations). Class size will be limited to 6 students.

Class will cover:

*Deep water re-entries in surf conditions. (Paddle float method)
*Eskimo Rescues.
* X rescues.
*Two man rescues.
*Towing in surf conditions

Things you will need for this class:

Paddle Float and pump.
Tow belt or throw bag.
Of course , a boat.
Lunch and lite snack.
Plenty of water.

Date: Saturday April 3rd
Time: 10am to 4pm
Cost: $95 per person

Tony Kramer
"See you on the water!!"
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