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Thursday, September 25, 2003

The crops are saved!
Club member Dave Hottell has volunteered to help us out with the club websites. Dave knows more about computers than I do. In fact, Dave knows so much about computers he has graciously declined to help with the club e-mail list, because he has better sense!

Be sure to get in the habit of checking this website instead of relying exclusively on club e-mails as your source of information, including announcements of "flash paddles." Club e-mails may be sporadic for a while.

Dave, Bruce, and I still need all the help we can get with Internet communications, so if you were thinking of volunteering, stop thinking and do it! E-mail me (Julie) at


Publication of "Hard Copy" Membership Directory Proposed

Juli Day has volunteered to prepare and distribute a new MBCAKC Membership Directory -- an actual, print, on-paper-with-a-staple-in-it, list of names, phone numbers, etc. If you would like to be in Juli Day's new print directory, just drop her an e-mail at Send her your name and phone number and whatever else you would like to include, and she will start a paper list of members who want to be included. She will also pass around sign-up sheets at club meetings, for anybody who wants to be included in her new print directory.

Juli Day's new print directory will be totally independent of the e-mail list. You can be on the club's e-mail list, you can be in Juli Day's print directory, you can be on both, or you can be on neither. Being on one list won't get you on the other list. If you want to be on the club e-mail list and receive club e-mails, you need to e-mail me at If you want to be in the print directory of phone numbers, etc., you need to e-mail Juli Day at The e-mail list and Juli Day's paper list are completely independent (because, to name just one reason, Juli Day and I would go crazy trying to coordinate the two).

Please keep in mind that any identifying information you give to the print directory will be public information. In contrast, the e-mail list is as confidential as I know how to make it.

Please also keep in mind that nobody has to give their name, phone number or any other identifying information to me, to Juli Day, or to anybody else to be a "member" of the MBCAKC. Juli Day's print directory is simply an alternative means of staying in touch with other club members, IF, and only IF, you choose to participate.

But because my family and personal issues will prevent me from sending out these club as consistently as I have in the past, it will be that much better to have Juli Day's print directory as an alternative communication resource. Thanks Juli!


In Other News:

Click on to find out about the Florida Panhandle Birding and Wildflower Festival on October 8-12.

This festival will take place in an area that happens to include some of our favorite paddling trips, including Cape San Blas and Appalachicola. You can download Apalachicola River paddling maps for free, courtesy of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission, at These are *.pdf maps, which you need Adobe Acrobat to read. These make nice one page maps; some have extra text.

Another source of Florida canoe trail maps online is, which offers colorful maps in *.pdf format for the Florida Peninsula.


One of the downsides of being the club webmistress is that I get a whole lot of spam. But there's one type of spam I've come to love: e-mails from various outfitters from around the world. Last month I was invited to go paddling in Patagonia; this month, in Laos: