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Thursday, September 04, 2003

Correction: Bartram Canoe Trail Paddle
Kevin Marek of the Sierra Club writes us:

Seems that despite my best efforts, there has been confusion. So to try to get every one to the right place on Saturday, we will be meeting at LOWER Bryant's Landing SOUTH of Stockton, NOT upper Bryant's Landing North of Stockton.


Hank Burch of the Alabama Department of Conservation & Natural Resources (State Lands Division - Coastal Section) writes us as follows:
My name is Hank Burch and I am hoping to enlist a few good paddlers to assist with the upcoming Alabama Coastal Cleanup, which will be held on Saturday, September 20 from 8am to 12 noon. Your website already mentions the Dog River site for the cleanup (because Dr. Fearn was savvy enough to reach your group before I did!). As Mimi knows, canoes have been a great tool for the coastal cleanup effort in the past.

Dog River/Luscher Park is actually one of 26 cleanup zones in Mobile, Baldwin and Escambia counties. All of the check-in sites and their respective zone captains are listed at

I recently inherited the coordinator role for the Fairhope zone, which is centered at the Fairhope municipal pier and aims to clean up the shoreline from Steadman's Landing in Montrose to Pelican Point at Weeks Bay. I'd like to invite (if not beg) any Fairhope area paddlers to come out and assist with this effort. All participants get a coastal cleanup t-shirt and we provide drinks and snacks.

I'd like for any interested paddlers to contact me prior to the 20th and let me know if they have any preference for certain areas. That way, I can best plan where to send people the day of the event.

Hank Burch
Natural Resource Planner
AL Dept. of Conservation & Natural Resources
State Lands Division - Coastal Section
23210 U.S. Highway 98, Suite B-1
Fairhope, AL 36532
P: 251.929.0900
F: 251.990.9293


MBCAKC member Tom Fink writes us:
I am maintaining a low profile for now until October as I am practicing for the freestyle canoe championships in Houston, Saturday October 11. On Saturday and Sunday there will be freestyle canoe classes at All Levels (beginning to very advanced). For those really gung ho learners you can even sign up for one hour classes on Monday, October 13 (Columbus day) with some of the best (and nicest) freestyle paddlers in existence. Paddlers like Karen Knight, the "Freestyle Angel" and Anne and Tryon Lyndabury who do exquisite tandem paddling.

For those who haven't seen Freestyle Canoe paddling, then they are in for a treat. The first time I saw paddlers at a very high level some years ago in Louisiana (at La Lou) I was literally stunned.

I can't stress enough that if you improve in one venue of paddling you improve in others. There is so much "cross talk" between canoeing and kayaking. Learning bracing in both freestyle canoeing and kayaking has each improved the other for me. The same goes for maneuvers.

Karen Knight also does (and gives classes on) kayak freestyle. It is possible if someone wanted that kind of instruction they might get it at Houston, if she knew ahead of time.

I am looking forward to mid-October as I switch back to kayaking, and will be ready for some of Larry's cool "Big Boy Paddles".

Tom Fink