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Wednesday, June 05, 2002


June 5, Wednesday: Camp Rappahope
Contact: Bob Andrews h/w: 344-8664 cell: 367-4144
Comments: We will take kids who are recovering from life-threatening illnesses paddling.

June 6, Wednesday: Beginner paddle at FYC
Contact: Lisa, 471-2050, cell 689-3934
Time: 9:45 a.m.
Place: Fairhope Yacht Club
Comments: Lisa is taking some friends paddling who have never been out before, and you're welcome to join them.

June 8, Saturday: assist at Pelican Point Triathlon
Contact: Jeff Pollock, 621-3908
Time: EARLY -- get to the Pelican Point parking lot by 6:30 a.m. to get a parking space.
Comments: Three of us assisted at this event last year, and it was a very enjoyable experience. Basically, the triathlon organizers need kayaks and canoes to get out in the Bay to support the triathletes during the swim portion of the event. The swimming course is horseshoe-shaped in open water, and we paddlers will be in the middle of the course. Paddlers help the swimmers stay safe and on-course: If a swimmer gets tired, s/he will signal you to paddle over so s/he can rest while holding on to your boat. If you see a swimmer falling behind, you can approach to be sure s/he is okay. You won't be asked to perform any first aid or rescue -- there will be plenty of search-and-rescue professionals and life guards there to do the important stuff.

This is a big event -- capped at 300 triatheletes. The triathletes will leave the shore in waves of several dozen swimmers at a time. Four of us have signed up to help, and Jeff would like several more paddlers.

Paddlers who assist at this event are invited to the post-race party: Spaghetti and beer and fun.

Please call Jeff and let him know if you have any questions and if you plan to be there.

June 10, Monday: Rice Creek
Time: 6:00 p.m.
Place: Stagecoach Cafe, Stockton, at the intersection of Highways 59 and 225
Contact: Bob Andrews h/w: 344-8664 cell: 367-4144
Comments: Bob's paddles, like anyone else's paddles, are ALWAYS subject to change. So phone Bob if you plan to come. Otherwise, you may be left waiting in the parking lot while everybody else is paddling elsewhere.

June 11, Tuesday: Fritz's After-Work Paddle
Contact: Fritz 990-5987
Comments: Stay tuned to this website and call Fritz for further details.

June 17, Monday: Boiling Creek
Contact: Bob Andrews h/w: 344-8664 cell: 367-4144
Time and meeting place: Call Bob
Comments: This paddle is a club favorite. You will need a current recreational permit for Eglin Air Force Base. Instructions for obtaining such a permit are posted below.

June 18, Tuesday: Fritz's After-Work Paddle
Contact: Fritz 990-5987
Comments: Stay tuned to this website and call Fritz for further details.

June 22 or 23: All-Day Paddle at Big Escambia Creek or Pigeon Creek
Contact: Mark, 458-7574
Comments: As of last night's meeting, plans had not yet been firmed up for this paddle, so call Mark. Bring lunch.

June 25, Tuesday: Fritz's After-Work Paddle from Byrnes Lake to Gravine Island
Contact: Fritz 990-5987
Time: 6:00 p.m.
Meeting place: the parking lot of Bruno's in Spanish Fort, at the shopping center at the intersection of Highways 31 and 225.
Comments: This will be the night after the full moon. Bring refreshments.

June 29: Lower Perdido River
Contact: Mark, 458-7574
Time: 9 a.m.
Meeting Place: Ruby's, on U.S. 90 at the Florida line. (Shuttle to put-in at Adventures.)
Comments: This paddle starts with sandy banks and a good flow through some ox-bows and swamps. Lots of wildlife. Expect to spend about five hours paddling 12 miles. Bring lunch. There will be launch and parking fees at both ends of this paddle. (The total should be less than $10.) There may be a West Florida Canoe Club camp-out that night, preliminary to their annual summer party on the following day. Contact Mark for details and to RSVP.


And already planned for July:

July 2, Tuesday: Monthly Meeting
Time: 7:00 p.m.
Place: Fairhope Yacht Club
Comments: Our regular meetings are held on the first Tuesday of each month, same time, same place.

July 4, Thursday: Fireworks Paddle
Place: Fairhope Yacht Club to Fairhope Pier
Contact: Gene Boothe 928-1107,
Comments: Every year, Gene leads us on a paddle from the yacht club to a sandbar by the Fairhope Pier that provides the perfect vantage point for watching the fireworks display and listening to the concert on shore. Contrary to the concerns voiced by some people, power-boat traffic is NOT a problem -- we paddle close to shore in shallow water where there are no power boats. Bring at least one white light. Red LED lights provide wonderful (and decorative) visibility as well. Bring snacks.

July 4, Thursday: Tall Ships Paddle
We don't know what we're going to do or where, but somebody is going to plan a paddle to join the tall ships sailing into Mobile.


In other news:

At last night's meeting, Harriet and Fritz told us about running into Philly Joe on his paddle around America. This is a great story, and he's reporting about it on line:

Some of you have asked about maps of the Delta in general and of the Bartram Canoe Trail in particular. Maps of the new paddling trail and the new platforms in the Delta are in the works right now, and we will post information about how to obtain same as soon as they are ready.

Permit for Boiling Creek

A current permit is required to paddle Boiling Creek in Eglin Air Force Base. The permits are good from 1 October to 30 September. They cost $5.00. You get a map along with the permit that is worth more than the fee.

Permits may be obtained from the Jackson Guard Office (Natural Resources Branch), located at Highway 85 North, Niceville FL (850) 882-4164. The mailing address is:

Eglin Natural Resources Branch
107 Highway 85 North
Niceville, FL 32578

Request a "Recreational Permit," which is the one for paddling. For each permit requested, send a photocopy of either a driver's license or identification card which contains full name, current address (including zip code), current phone number, and date of birth. Specify the type of permit (recreational) desired. Be prepared to wait three weeks for delivery (though recent turn-arounds have been only a few days). Payments can be by personal check, money order, or cashiers check made payable to DFAS-LI Eglin AFB. Cash is not accepted.