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Wednesday, May 08, 2002


May 15, Wednesday: Boiling Creek
Contact: Bob Andrews h/w: 344-8664 cell: 367-4144
Comments: This paddle is a club favorite. Bob has changed his meeting date and time for this paddle since he announced it at the meeting last night, so you MUST call him to participate in this paddle. You will need a current recreational permit for Eglin Air Force Base. I last posted the instructions for obtaining such a permit on April 3 -- click on the appropriate link in the archives on the left side of this webpage.

May 18, Saturday: Fish and Magnolia River Clean-Ups
For further information: Please pre-register.

May 18, Saturday: First Annual Dog Paddle at Dog River
For further information: Please pre-register.

May 19, Sunday: Escatawpa River Clean-Up
TIme: begins at 10 a.m. and continues
Contact: Bob Andrews h/w: 344-8664 cell: 367-4144
Comments: Don't bring your own boat or gear. Bob will bring all the canoes and equipment you need. Just bring your own food and drinks. If you have a scoop net, please bring it, too.

And already planned for June:

June 4, Tuesday: Monthly Meeting
Time: 7:00 p.m.
Place: Fairhope Yacht Club
Comments: Our regular meetings are held on the first Tuesday of each month, same time, same place.

June 5, Wednesday: Camp Rappahope
Contact: Bob Andrews h/w: 344-8664 cell: 367-4144
Comments: We will take kids who are recovering from life-threatening illnesses paddling. Bob will be there on Wednesday, but the camp would be glad to have paddlers there every day of the week beginning on June 3. So if you want to help out, get with Bob and set a time.

June 8, Saturday: assist at Pelican Point Triathlon
Contact: Jeff Pollock, 621-3908
Time: EARLY -- get to the Pelican Point parking lot by 6:30 a.m.
Comments: Three of us assisted at this event last year, and it was a very enjoyable experience. Basically, the triathlon organizers need kayaks and canoes to get out in the Bay to support the triathletes during the swim portion of the event. The swimming course is horseshoe-shaped in open water. Paddlers help the swimmers stay safe and on-course: If a swimmer gets tired, s/he will signal you to paddle over so s/he can rest while holding on to your boat. If you see a swimmer falling behind, you can approach to be sure s/he is okay. You won't be asked to perform any first aid or rescue -- there will be plenty of search-and-rescue professionals and life guards there to do the important stuff.

This is a big event -- capped at 300 triatheletes. The triathletes will leave the shore in waves of several dozen swimmers at a time. Jeff would like to have more than the three kayaks we sent last year, if possible.

Paddlers who assist at this event are invited to the post-race party: Spaghetti and beer and fun.

Please call Jeff and let him know if you have any questions and if you plan to be there.


In other news: Sam Howell is paddling to Mobile Bay from Blount County, via the Black Warrior, Tombigbee, Tensaw Rivers. We hope to catch up with him while he's here, and learn about his adventures (and equipment). Stay tuned to this website for further information.