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Wednesday, April 10, 2002

The flash paddle from Bayfront Park to the Battleship ALABAMA (which Bruce previously posted, below) will leave from Bayfront Park at 0630 tomorrow (Thursday) morning. Bruce and Larry say that they will not be "speed demons" so if you are late you should be able to catch up -- just head west. They plan to go on the south side of the Causeway unless the weather is sloppy (which it is not expected to be). This should be a easy paddle.

A personal note on the significance of this paddle: Larry and Bruce have already paddled the LENGTH of the Bay, from the Causeway to Fort Morgan. With this paddle, they will have paddled the WIDTH of the Bay as well! Cool!


Register now National River Cleanup Week 2002, scheduled for May 18, 2002.

Registration is free and groups that register their cleanups with National River Cleanup Week receive free official National River Cleanup Week trash bags.

From the inception of National River Cleanup Week in 1992, diverse groups have come together each year to scour the shorelines of their local waterways. Government agencies, paddle sports enthusiasts, outfitters, businesses, civic and conservation groups take part in the event. A variety of events occur as part of many of the community cleanups. Cookouts, canoe trips, raft trips, storm drain stenciling, and bank restoration are just a sampling.

An estimated 50,000 participants gathered trash and debris along 350 sites in forty-five states covering 8000 miles of waterways, during the tenth annual National River Cleanup Week, May 12-19, 2001. One of the largest groups, with an estimated 2000 volunteers taking part, The Friends of the Chicago River volunteered cleaning numerous sites in and around Chicago during its annual "River Rescue" on May 12. Other large groups included Friends of the Los Angeles River (FoLAR), the Peace River Cleanup Committee, Florida, and the Christina River Watershed Cleanup, Delaware. Cleanups range in size from five or ten volunteers to groups numbering in the thousands.

America Outdoors, a trade association of outfitters and guides is the founder and sponsor of National River Cleanup Week. The Bureau of Land Management and the USDA Forest Service have provided agency support. American Rivers, American Canoe Association, American Whitewater, and Professional Paddlesports Association are also supporters of National River Cleanup Week.

We would like to encourage everyone to participate. This year the cleanup will be held at LuLu's on Weeksbay at Hwy 98 Fish River bridge. We will again be giving away great prizes, such as the Old Town Kayak we gave away last year. Also new this year, we will make a minimum donation of $100.00 to the winning team's choice of school PTO, FEEF, or environmental charitable organizations. We will have a special guest musician appearing after the cleanup at 12 noon. Lunch will be provided by Weeks Bay Volunteers. Registration will start at 8:30 am at LuLu's in the parking lot. Krispy Kreme donuts will be provided to registrants. Mark your calendar Saturday May 18th, 2002!

For more information visit the National Web Site at or register early by Contacting Frank Leatherbury , Weeks Bay Watershed Project, or cell phone 251-709-0109 or Local Web Site

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