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Friday, July 06, 2001


Gene sends us the following, updated, new and improved, extensive, and highly informative calendar of events:

Saturday, July 14, 2001
Paddle: Forest Gump Tour
When: Saturday July 14, 2001
Directions: Meet at Dick Russell’s Restaurant at 7:45 AM to eat, 8:30 AM just to meet for paddling. To get there take Interstate 10 West to exit 17b. Take exit to Higgins Road, Tilman's corner (other exit is to Dauphin Island). You will pass on the left a super Walmart. Pass by Halls Mill Road and then make the left onto route 90 (south mostly here, but sign will say Route 90 West). Immediately get in the right lane and look on the right for the Dick Russells Restaurant. It has a very prominent sign.
Why you want to go on this trip: Beautiful, easy paddle up Bayou la Batre (the Bayou itself) to view the very scenic shrimp boats.
a. Up and back the bayou itself ~ 2 to 3 nautical miles each way (depending how far up the bayou we go -- it is 2 nautical miles from the mouth to Route 188), for a total of 4 to 6 nautical miles of quiet water paddling suitable for all canoes and kayaks.
b. Want more????????? One possibility is to add an Isle Aux Herbes trip to the above. 1.24 nautical miles from the mouth of Bayou La Batre to the north tip of the island.
c. Want another option??? Another possibility is to paddle to Bayou Coden (1.84 nautical miles from Bayou la Batre mouth to mouth of Bayou Coden). Approximately one half nautical mile up Bayou Coden to route 188. You can go up the Bayou Coden more if you like.

Monday July 16, 2001
Paddle: Perdido Pass
Rendezvous: Perdido Pass Bridge
Comments: paddle east or west of the pass on the outside (weather permitting) and possibly some surfing
Coordinator: Mike Predmore 626-7915,

Thursday, July 19, 2001
Paddle: LST 325 & the Alligator Tour
Why do you want to go: Why, to see the Famous LST 325 World War Two ship and then later the equally famous and rarely fatal Delta Alligators, of course!
Meet at Tom Fink’s house at 5:30* PM on Thursday, July 19, 2001. (*Note change in time: I changed the time to allow more people to attend. Call if you think you might be late (251-457-0325). Directions to 215 Bell Court, Chickasaw, Alabama 36611-1105: From I-65 take Exit 10 to West Lee Street. You will be going east. As you come onto West Lee from the exit you will come to a Stop Light (if you went left at the stop light you would go towards the entrance of the Howard Johnsons Motel), go through this first stop light and go to the second stop light. Make a left turn at this second stop light onto Iroquois Street. Go down Iroquois all the way to the stop sign (on your left will be the old Armory). First Stop Sign Left : Make a left at this stop sign onto Myrtlewood. Take Myrtlewood all the way to next stop sign. Second Stop Sign Left: Make a left at this stop sign onto Sutherland. Go all the way on Sutherland until the next stop sign. Third Stop Sign Left: Make a left at this stop sign onto Alpine. Proceed on Alpine and take the left fork in the road, which takes you onto Baratara. Take Baratara and cross small bridge over 8 Mile Creek (you are real close now, about half a mile away). You will now be on a real island called Robber’s Island. Keep on Baratara and proceed to next fork in road in which you will go left onto West Baratara. You will soon see Offut Court, Durle Court and then our court, Bell Court, on your left. Take Bell Court. Our house is at the end of the court on the right. Big two-car garage in front with two-white garage doors.**** When you return, reverse your steps, but there is no stop sign when you go back that was your third stop sign turn as you came in (if you read the previous "sentence" carefully, it does make sense).
Paddle to LST 325 (they will move it soon).
Then paddle to Pumping Station Canal to view BEEEEEEEEEEEGGGGGGGGGggg Alligators at night (bring headlight and extra batteries)
Coordinators: Ruth Larson and Tom Fink, 251-457-0325 (area code formerly was 334);,

Sunday, July 22, 2001
Paddle: Six Bits Creek
Six Bits Cr. 8:00 a.m. meet at Bruno's in Spanish Fort; Put-it at Hurricane landing
Rendezvous: 8:00 a.m. meet at Brunos in Spanish Fort
Put-In: Hurricane Landing
Level of paddle ability expected/needed for trip: Not for beginners. The difficulty is the crossing of the Tensaw (which can get rough) and the expected 12-14 mile length of paddle.
Coordinator: Matt Darring, H = 343-1196, W = 341-1712; (this address was incorrectly given on the first calendar) RSVP
Comments: Bring lunch, lots of water, standard safety gear

Wednesday, July 25 , 2001
Paddle: Rice Creek Platform Moonlight Paddle
Rendezvous: meet 6:00 p.m. at Stagecoach Inn in Stockton
Put-In/Take-Out: Rice Creek
Coordinator: Paul Morgan; H 471-2104, W 432-1212, RSVP
Comments: bring refreshments (make that LOTS of refreshments, judging from past paddles) and a swimsuit for night swim.