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Thursday, May 17, 2001

Wednesday May 16, 2001 Paddle Bay Minette Basin Leader : Paul Morgan

Directions : From Spanish Fort drive north on 225 to Bay Minette Creek. Turn off the road just before the Creek at Buzbee's Fish Camp.

We had 13 boats and 14 paddlers show up for this evening paddle on Bay Minette Basin. The sky was clear and the wind was brisk out of the southwest. We had a full tide so the
basin had plenty of water for us to paddle without scaring the fish too badly. The aquatic plants are coming up nicely. Near Buzbees, I saw some yellow budding plants and up in
the top end of the basin the American Lotus is thriving. That should be a good location to see the big yellow blooms this summer. I was very surprised we did not see any
alligators on this trip. We paddled the calm water of the basin, making as much speed from the wind at our backs as we do by paddling. A flight of about 30 ibis flew below tree
top height from the north to the south in a double V formation right over us. Mary Lee and Felicia arrived late with their Loons and made an impressive speed run to catch up to us
about mid basin. Way to go! The wind kept all the bugs off us for the trip up to the north end of the basin for a very pleasant evening. We had some new faces in the group including Mrs. Chrissy Morgan and a couple of new boats too. We rafted up in a creek at the north end for
refreshments. Paul paddled a canoe with Sally, his Mom, who brought yummy snacks she makes herself. We greedily gathered around them to sample the delicious cheese spread and
crispy bread slices. Mary Lee and Felicia shared their white wine and snacks as Sally shared a bottle of red wine. Just about 7:25 the rushes around us cranked up frog sounds. We had been
hearing a few bullfrogs on the trip up, but now the chorus of higher pitched frog song surrounded us. Big chunky dragonflies patrolled up wind of us keeping the few insects out
of our group. At 8, we were losing light and the moon would not be up for us so we departed. We deliberately waited to see if the wind would abate, but now we were forced to
go. The trip back was nearly south and the wind was southwest, so the boats wanted to weather cock a little to the right. When we reached the more reedy parts of the south basin
the wind seemed a little calmer but darkness had settled enough. We had no benefit from the light pollution from Daphne or Mobile because the air was so very clear and cloudless.
We had some points of light in the trees and on radio towers for reference, but the sky was so clear, starlight was really the main source of light. We paddled back to the bridge and
the take out at Buzbee's, arriving just before 9:00. Can you guess who said "Hey, lets go to Ed's for supper!" Where does he put all those groceries?